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With your help, we can grow the Indiana tech workforce by 41,000 workers by the year 2030.

The state’s top employers are joining the movement, committing to working toward the Mission41K goal and sharing their progress.

What is Mission41K?

Mission41K is a collaborative movement to address the largest problem tech employers are facing today—finding, hiring and retaining qualified tech talent.

It prioritizes skills-based hiring, provides more inclusive pathways into tech roles for significantly more people, and drives a flag into the ground around apprenticeship as a viable path to a successful and lucrative career in tech.

Skills-First Mission41K | TechPoint

Skills-First Workshops

Learn about upcoming skills-first learning experiences by attending an info session and then register for an in-person or virtual workshop series to collaborate on best practices for skills-based hiring.

What you can do to support the mission.

If you are commited to growing the Indiana tech workforce and addressing the challenges we face, consider attending one of our collaborative learning workshops and accessing resources that include best practices for activating skills-based hiring to ensure you have the tech talent you need to thrive.

Skills-First Hiring.

Learn how to make key changes to your hiring process, such as re-writing job descriptions to focus on the skills necessary for someone to be successful in the role.


Understand the components of a modern tech apprenticeship and uncover the employer and job candidate benefits possible through this hiring framework.

Total Rewards in Tech.

Examine and discuss trends in total rewards (compensation plus benefits) to better engage candidates in ten of the most high-demand, tech career pathways.

Read the latest Mission41K Update Report

See data on how Mission41K is impacting the Indiana tech workforce, and read success stories from early adopters who are building more inclusive talent pipelines.

Finally, the resource you've been looking for on salary and benefits.

Create a meaningful total rewards and compensation program using relevant and current market data for the Indiana tech community.

Our free, 70-page Total Rewards: Indiana Tech Trends Report is brought to you through a unique partnership between TechPoint and NFP.

Launching the Movement

TechPoint kicked off the ambitious Mission41K initiative with the support of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb,ᅠLieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouchᅠand Tony Denhart, EVP of talent and workforce for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.ᅠ

The unique launch conference featured a keynote address by Maurice Jones, CEO of the organization OneTen, and a panel of talent attraction luminaries who discussed “Strategies for Inclusively Growing Indiana’s Tech Workforce.”

Skills-First Resources

Our library of guides and articles for employers interested in skill-based hiring.

The Job Description Playbook

Our detailed guide to inclusive, skills-based job listings.


We commit as an organization to contribute to the collective mission of inclusively growing the Indiana tech workforce by 41,000 workers by 2030.  

We commit to working towards this goal via initiatives that may include but are not limited to: adopting skills-based talent management, implementing apprenticeships, and sharing progress updates with TechPoint to demonstrate impact.