It’s been three years since FGX International acquired Greenwood, Ind.-based One Click, one of the country’s first successful online retailers. Team members have internally been working to adopt the new name, but it’s been only recently that they rebranded to the world.

The company has also embraced its role as the international conglomerate’s North American Digital Center of Excellence and moved into new (and separate) warehouse and office space.

FGX is headquartered in Rhode Island and has offices in New York, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. It could have planted its digital flag anywhere. They chose the Greater Indianapolis area as a direct result of the community’s strong tech sector, said Jon Corwin, FGX senior director of digital marketing.

“We were born online and have always had a digital-first mindset, but some of the FGX brands—Foster Grant, for example—are iconic and were around for decades before ecommerce launched,” Jon said. “We’re excited about the role we get to play in helping our sister brands with their digital strategy, and we’re really ready to speak with one focus.”

Local changes include new addresses. Fulfillment demand far outstripped the company’s ability to keep up with it from the former administrative/operations site on Windhorst Way in Greenwood.

Fulfillment operations are now located in a 60,700 square feet facility on East Main Street in Greenwood. The configuration of the new space will enable FGX to hold roughly 360% more product at full capacity compared to the former warehouse, which had been home for the company since 2012.

The remaining Indianapolis team will work at new executive office space at the Union Campus in downtown Indianapolis. FGX has about 400 US employees, with Indianapolis accounting for one quarter of them.

The company, founded by Randy Stocklin and Angie Stocklin in 2005, has long been known for its focus on company culture and giving back to the community. The company won the 2011 TechPoint Mira Award for New Media Excellence and was the 2017 Company Culture of the Year Mira Award winner.

“Most of us are used to the new name and we’re all excited about the new space,” Jon said. “Our dedication to our customers and to the community hasn’t changed—just our name.”