PactSafe announced today the launch of Transact, a new eSignature platform that aims to accelerate and transform the way businesses send, negotiate, and sign contracts.  

Transact speeds up the painful process of getting contracts signed with the fastest eSignature solution available. PactSafe’s proprietary “click-to-sign” eSignature technology is combined with Transact’s easy to use contract automation and management tools to create a seamless and comprehensive contracting solution. With this technology, the process of signing a contract becomes as easy as buying something online.

In addition to its ease of use, Transact allows for inline and real time collaboration and redlining, preventing typical bottlenecks in the negotiating process. Contracts can be reviewed and eSigned from any mobile device.

PactSafe has launched Transact, a new eSignature platform.

Transact is the second product launched as part of PactSafe’s Signature Acceleration Program.

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In November 2015, PactSafe secured $1.22 million in additional funding to fuel sales, marketing and engineering of their legal empowerment platform. Click here to read more!