When startups and scale-ups build relationships with global, market-leading companies, they can experience growth and acceleration at a rapid pace. This is not uncommon for Indiana companies like ExactTarget and Interactive Intelligence who were acquired, but also companies that are quietly growing and privately-owned, such as Scale Computing.

Noted as one of the most well-funded tech product companies in the state, Scale Computing is experiencing that same rapid growth that comes with large partnerships, thanks to a new announcement with Lenovo.

Scale Computing announced their relationship with Lenovo as part of the whopping $34.8 million Series F funding announcement in October 2018. The company was the largest investor in the funding round and, through the partnership, will help Lenovo bring intelligent edge computing to enterprises, small businesses and retailers. With Scale Computing’s software operating on Lenovo’s servers, businesses can replace complex and expensive on-premise infrastructure with the cloud, ultimately allowing for increased uptime and less IT resources required.

At Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, the largest mobile technology conference in the world, Scale Computing unveiled and demonstrated the HC3 Edge Solution that formed the basis of their Lenovo partnership. This solution serves a need for decentralized data processing, which is becoming ever more common in companies and is predicted to continue trending upward. Lenovo recognized the need to be competitive in this space, which spurred the decision to have Scale Computing join as one of three companies officially partnering with Lenovo’s Edge IoT program. Within this program, Scale Computing will power Lenovo’s Future-Ready Retail Store Infrastructure solution.

This relationship further cements Scale Computing’s position as a leader in edge computing. The company’s focus on IoT and edge computing has given it a competitive edge against other leading competitors. Scale Computing’s solutions help to simplify the challenges of implementation that dog some of their competitors, opening up prime opportunities for growth in the company’s target markets that are increasingly globalizing.

Of course, Scale Computing is already no stranger to getting out the passports and flying to see their global customers. The company does business with Genting Casinos, one of the largest gaming operators in the UK; Belgium-based Delhaize, one of the largest grocery retailers in the world; and Wellkin Hospital, the largest private hospital of Mauritius, to name a few. Yet the partnership with Lenovo could bring further relationships with businesses in Asia Pacific, Latin America and beyond.

“Together we are going to be capitalizing on the success that we’ve seen in edge computing, especially in the retail and global manufacturing sectors. We will be increasing the expansion of our international sales and marketing activities, broadening the global channel partner program and accelerating the product development of Scale Computing’s edge computing platform,” said Scale Computing CEO and co-founder Jeff Ready.

While its business continues expanding around the world, Scale Computing keeps the engine running from its Indy home in the Union 525. It currently operates with 140 employees (85 of whom work in Indy), and growth plans are already in the works: the company expects to double its workforce in 18 months and is considering new avenues for funding like an IPO, which is an opportunity the company has mulled for some time. In addition, the company has made a few strategic executive hires in sales and marketing to work with Lenovo and establish worldwide go-to-market strategies and sales and partner enablement, letting the company lean into their new, strong partnership.

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