The third life and inexhaustibility of banking software forerunner Baker Hill

The company’s solutions have been so disruptive and gained such affinity among bankers that the “Baker Hill” brand name has become synonymous or interchangeable with “banking software," setting up the company with a strong foundation for the future.

KSMC champions design thinking so clients can improve lives and usher in change

At KSMC (that’s KSM Consulting), technology, data, project management, and management consulting are the four core fields through which the team of 120 professionals enter and impact the world.

SnapShyft levels the playing field for workers and solves major headaches for employers

SnapShyft is coming up on its one-year anniversary next month, and the fast-growing app is earning its reputation among hospitality workers, employers and interested investors.

Quality Management Software maker Greenlight Guru takes pride in doing the hard things

Greenlight Guru, the only quality management software (QMS) designed specifically for the medical device industry, seems bent on being the kind of company that makes headlines and becomes a household name.

A bold pivot helped One Click start a whole new growth trajectory

One Click took big risks that paid off following tectonic shifts in search engine optimization (SEO) that spelled disaster for many dot com retailers five to six years ago. Those bold moves set the "world's most people-focused eyewear company" on a new journey of growth and success.

Lumavate is ushering in a new era of mobile from Indy

Having already earned a reputation in the market as a “disruptor” for several global brands, including a Fortune 100 company, Lumavate expects to be the dominant enterprise platform for PWAs as they become the preferred alternative to native apps.

New headquarters helps Innovatemap be Innovatemap, which benefits clients and the community too

Cool and interesting spaces have become all the rage among tech companies in Indy, but there’s a lot more to this story.

SpeechVive helps people with Parkinson’s regain their voice and reconnect

The pair founded a company together called SpeechVive that would go on to change the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease as well as the lives of the people who love and care for them.