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How a Meaningful Employee Value Proposition Can Help Organizations Attract and Retain Talent 

About the author: Dawn Griffin is chief human resources and diversity officer for TRIMEDX  Employees are integral to the success of any organization. When an organization supports and drives a positive culture, they provide an environment for their employees to spark innovation, drive productivity and bring excellence to every interaction. To attract and retain talent for […]
women in tech

A First in the US: An Entire Week Dedicated to Celebrating Women IN Tech 

About the author: Kara Kavensky, CEO of TheStoryteller.Agency, is a professional storyteller, public relations strategist, author, and podcaster.  Women have been integral to Indiana’s tech landscape for decades, serving in various roles such as Agile experts, software developers, cyber analysts and process leaders. Despite making significant contributions to technology, women in IT roles and tech […]

Digital Fluency: It’s Not Just About Tech, It’s About the Future

The world is moving faster than ever. It seems like just yesterday I was excited about my first iPhone (it was an iPhone 3, by the way.) Now, we’re casually discussing artificial intelligence (AI) over coffee. But here’s the thing – it’s not about the tech itself, it’s about what you can do with the […]
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2024 Mission 41K Impact Network Summit Outlines New Strategies for Statewide Education and Workforce Improvements 

About 200 representatives from Indiana tech employers, community organizations, educational institutions, and the public sector met last week for the 2024 Mission41K Impact Network Summit to continue refining the collaborative effort to grow the state tech workforce.  To reach M41K goals, the state must add 41,000 net new tech workers (plus 14,000 to replace those […]

TechPoint’s Dennis Trinkle to Receive Global Leadership in Tech Award  

TechPoint’s Dennis Trinkle to Receive Global Leadership in Tech Award   The award will be presented at the Internet 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas in March 2024.    INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 28, 2024) — Dennis Trinkle, PhD, TechPoint’s Senior Vice President of Talent, Strategy and Partnerships, will receive the Internet 2.0 Conference Outstanding Leadership Award for helping […]
Mira Awards Nominees

Student Entrepreneur of the Year Mira Awards Nominees Punch Above Their Age Class with a Wide Range of Tech Solutions for the World

TechPoint created the Student Entrepreneur of the Year Mira Award last year to recognize exceptional student startup founders and/or operators who looked outside the box, started something new and generated momentum for their concept.    Kerry Ao was a senior in high school when he took home the inaugural Student of the Year award for […]

IPS, Infosys and TechPoint team to help Indianapolis youth into careers in technology 

Last week, dozens of students from Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) George Washington and Arsenal Tech High Schools students delved into the world of computer science career pathways with guidance from industry experts as part of the debut of a collaboration between Infosys, IPS and TechPoint.  Students had an immersive day exploring various cutting-edge tech domains […]

A fresh look at TechPoint’s signature talent-matching combine for tech employers 

Hundreds of students and more than 50 companies from small startups, to enterprise-level organizations came together last week at historic Union Station in downtown Indianapolis. Each student was vying for a coveted spot for summer 2024 in what is now known coast-to-coast as “the ultimate tech internship program,” and potentially full-time jobs after college, too. […]