As Indiana’s tech community continues to grow and mature, it’s getting harder and harder to narrow down the winners for our annual Tech 25 Awards program. Clearly, there is a wealth of tech talent in the Hoosier state, and they are making incredible moves. Join us in celebrating the Tech 25 class of 2020 through this profile series and learn a bit more about each winner.

David has worked at OneAmerica for nearly 20 years in many capacities, rising in the ranks of leadership and responsibility. Before joining OneAmerica, he was the President of Bolt Computer Services. Prior to this, he worked as a software analyst at IUPUI for seven years. He earned an associate’s degree in computer technology and computer systems technology from IUPUI and a bachelor’s degree from Western Governors University in information technology-security. David is a father of two adult children, a husband, and a grandfather. He resides in Clayton, IN with his wife.

What led you to get into tech and this occupation? What was your first job in tech?

Working with computers has always been my passion. I started at a very young age writing small programs in basic language and building/dismantling computers to learn how they were built. I took several courses in High School, and computers were the course of study in college. My first job was at IUPUI as a computer tech in the student computer labs. I was known as the “programmer guy” for my experience in several different development languages and my ability to quickly debug issues with code.

When you think of a day in your life, what are the main work activities you do or responsibilities you have?

As the Senior Director of Infrastructure and Disaster Recovery, it is my main responsibility to ensure the stability and reliability of the infrastructure while ensuring that the environment is recoverable in the event of an unforeseen event. My day-to-day activities include leading a team of Service Delivery Managers, collaborating with my peers to ensure alignment of roadmaps and strategies, and oversight of our managed services partner. Mentoring and cross-training in my team is a very important part of the responsibilities I oversee to ensure we maintain a high-performing team.

Which resources would you recommend to those who want to learn more or advance their skills in this occupation?

I highly suggest the use of multiple resources and spending time learning from lots of different sources. White papers and podcasts from the technical verticals and premier vendors are a good way to keep up with the emerging technology trends and nomenclature. Resources such as the IBJ, Wall Street Journal, and others are also a great way to stay on top of emerging news and trends. Bruce Schneier has always been a good security resource that I enjoy reading his articles to stay informed with the security industry. Certifications are also a great avenue to increase your knowledge and value as an employee.

David Rainbolt is a Tech 25 winner who is helping to grow and improve the tech landscape of Indiana. He was nominated by her SVP and Chief Information Officer, Jose Martinez. To learn more about the Tech 25 Awards, click here.

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