Indiana is a national leader in advanced manufacturing and logistics but staying at the top of the heap will require companies to embrace technology at a faster rate to meet the demands of the fourth industrial revolution, aka “Industry 4.0”. The term refers to a new wave of technologies, like Internet of Things products, big data and analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning that are revolutionizing how companies make and move products.

The good news is, the state is moving in the right direction, but that movement must continue and speed up if Indiana is to outpace other states. To help raise awareness of this need, TechPoint is partnering with its sister initiative, Conexus Indiana, to offer an Emerging Tech Showcase event on April 21.

Ken Rohleder, President at IQpack, Ilya Preston, CEO at PAXAFE and Chase Flashman, Co-Founder & CEO at ShipSigma, all of whom are building innovative solutions for today’s logistics and advanced manufacturing challenges, will explain how the adoption of tech is enabling manufacturing and logistics companies to grow and meet consumer demands.

A 2021 Conexus Indiana study shows that more than 40 percent of Indiana advanced manufacturers surveyed have successfully implemented or piloted an Industry 4.0 technology, more than double the figure from a similar study in 2020. Conexus is currently surveying sector members to determine the most recent progress.

Jordan Isaacs, Relationship Manager at TechPoint, said supporting Conexus’ efforts to promote technology in manufacturing and logistics is a natural fit.

“The advanced manufacturing and logistics companies of today that wish to be leaders tomorrow are already embracing technology,” he said. “Every company is a tech company. They are simply utilizing the latest technology and innovating to make things in their industries better. We’re happy to join with Conexus to highlight how tech isn’t an option anymore; it’s a requirement.”

“The advanced manufacturing and logistics industries are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions to their toughest challenges, and the startup ecosystem has a knack for pioneering these solutions,” said Ryan Henderson, Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Conexus Indiana. “This collaboration exposes companies to what might be next in their digital transformation journey.”