It’s no secret that Indianapolis has become a destination for tech-skilled talent. We continue to receive national attention for being the #10 Best City for Young Professionals, the #5 Best City for Women in Tech, and #6 Top City for Tech Job Growth.

The success of the Xtern program confirms what national media are saying:  Indy is a magnet for bright, young tech talent. For the Xtern class of 2016 we received over 900 applications from 58 universities across the nation, all competing for 130 tech internships through the program. These college students will experience Indy’s tech community through a 10-week summer internship program, where they will work full-time and become immersed in  the cultural attractions, events and experiences that showcase why Indy is a great place to live, work and play.

Knowing there is an ever growing need for entry level full-time technical talent, TechPoint will build off the success of the Xtern program and create a similar program designed to equip in-state college students with the industry relevant skills they need to land their dream job in software development, product management and other tech careers, serving to bridge the gap between college and career.

Introducing Xtern Bootcamp, a 10-week program for college freshmen and sophomores who are pursuing computer-related degrees who have not yet had on-the-job experience in the field.

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“TechPoint is excited to launch Xtern Bootcamp because we know there are students who have a technical foundation, and Xtern Bootcamp can be the bridge they need to successfully navigate the transition from college to their career”,” said Sally Reasoner, Director of Talent Programs at TechPoint. “It’s a win-win dynamic for the students and employers.”

Xtern Bootcamp will work to ensure career readiness for students by providing in-classroom learning and professional development workshops, giving them the skills they need to maximize their tech degree, while providing companies with the talent they need to scale fast. The goal of Xtern Bootcamp is to infuse a group of highly qualified students with the skills most relevant to industry need so that they can enter the workforce prepared to add value on day one.

TechPoint has partnered with Fretless, an Indianapolis company that provides software development training and service, to host Xtern Bootcamp students and guide them through projects that mimic what they will encounter once they land that full-time career in tech. Indianapolis technology companies will have the opportunity to present and teach technologies relevant to their business, allowing students to ask questions and have a better understanding of the potential projects and opportunities available to them after graduation.

Dave Strus Fretless_Circle

Dave StrusFretless Co-Founder

“We love teaching people to program and how to be part of a professional community; we love working to keep our best and brightest in Indiana; and we love contributing to the community. To be able to do all of those things with TechPoint, the tech advocacy organization in Indiana is the icing that makes the cake,” said Dave Strus, co-founder of Fretless.

Fretless also organizes Indy Hackers, Indy Ruby Brigade, Indy JavaScript Society, and other tech meet-ups that Xtern Bootcampers will have the opportunity to participate in.

Xtern Bootcampers will be introduced to new concepts, work on small projects that reinforces those new concepts, and gradually be introduced to larger projects that closely mimic what students will be expected to do once they have a full-time career. The Xtern Bootcamp program provides students with an opportunity to learn and apply these skills with more hands-on support than a company could provide independently through a traditional internship model.

In addition to technical skills, Xtern Bootcampers will receive soft skills training such as mock interviews, communication with clients and internal customers, and learn how to present their work to team members who may not have a knowledge of programming.

At the end of the 10 weeks, students will attend a “demo day” where they will meet with Indianapolis technology and tech-enabled companies to showcase their work and interview for full-time employment.


Interested in learning more about Xtern Bootcamp or want to apply for the program? Send an email to with your questions and resume. For more information about Xtern, visit