It’s no secret that Indianapolis technology companies are growing rapidly. With about $200 million in venture capital raised in 2015 alone, these startups and scale-ups are expanding their teams to compete with brands across the country. There is a strong need for people who can build products and sell products to fuel business growth.

Not only is sales one of the most in-demand jobs needed by companies, it is one of the fastest paths to career acceleration and compensation growth for new grads and career changers, yet many don’t know to pursue sales, the opportunities available, or if they could be a good fit for it.

This is why TechPoint is introducing a Sales Bootcamp program, a 6-week summer experience launching in June designed to train participants, provide them a first-hand look inside the work environment at several area companies, and help new college graduates or career changers quickly ramp up to be high-potential salespeople.

Are you a goals oriented, competitive person interested in proving yourself in the exciting tech industry?


TechPoint’s Sales Bootcamp offers participants the opportunity to work with fast-paced companies and learn on-the-job skills so they can land a full-time sales role. During the workday of the 6-week program, Sales Bootcampers will be mentored by a 10-year Sandler sales training coach in addition to working directly in and on projects at four different companies.

Outside of the workday, Sales Bootcampers will get some of the same great perks provided to participants in TechPoint’s Xtern and Tech Fellowship programs; perks like provided housing and incredible social experiences taking in Indianapolis with new friends met during Sales Bootcamp.

Only 20 Sales Bootcampers will be selected to participate so apply now if you think you would be a great fit and are looking for a launchpad for your career.


Why should you consider a career in sales?

Start your career in tech through sales: Marketers, sales and business development roles are crucial to the success of technology companies. You do not have to be a developer or programmer to work in tech, and sales is a great first step in the door of fast-paced, business-driven tech companies.

Grow your professional skills outside of sales: Sales roles rely on your ability to act quickly and make decisions that affect you and your company. You are required to not only have a deep understanding of the product, but an understanding of what role technology plays in business infrastructure.

Accelerate your professional career: Working at a technology startup or scale-up company will allow you to not only earn significant commissions, but quickly grow your role as you bring customers to the company.

How is the program structured for participants?

The program will last 6 weeks from June 13 through July 22. A typical week will include 1 day of group training and 4 days working full time at a host company as participants learn real life application of the classes they take. Some Saturday and evening courses will be required during the 6-week program.

Participants will be provided with fundamental professional sales training, customer service training and enterprise sales training through Sandler Training, a global sales, leadership and management training company. In addition, participants will attend two-hour presentations by a number of local subject matter experts on topics such as building a prospect database, defining a business process and growing revenue in a startup.

What will participants learn through the Sales Bootcamp?

Participants in the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp will have an understanding and working knowledge of:

  • A well-adopted CRM technology platform
  • Data creation, segmentation, organization and list building best practices
  • Prospecting best practices
  • Playbook creation and message design including: voicemail scripts, conversations scripts, objection handling guides, and prospecting email templates
  • Ongoing role-play for difficult prospecting scenarios

Following completion of program, candidates will have a thorough understanding of prospecting, objection handling, reference selling in prospecting, building voicemail, conversation and email scripts, and the ability to host a discovery call with a prospect.

Program graduation will include a role-play final exam in front of host company, discovery call final exam, and presentation of metrics, outcomes, and learnings during the 6-week program.

How many participants will be included in TechPoint’s Sales Bootcamp?

TechPoint will select 20 high-quality candidates who want to enter the field of tech sales. Participants will be a mix of new college graduates, experienced professionals looking to enter the tech industry, mothers re-entering the workforce, and professionals for other industries who have been displaced.

What skills or background are required to apply for the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp?

While no formal sales background is necessary, TechPoint is seeking candidates with similar traits of successful sales representatives, such as competitiveness, achiever strengths and strong motivation to show results. Applicants will be interviewed by potential host companies, who will provide offers after a full day of interviews.

Is there a cost to be be a participant or a host company?

Thanks to a generous grant by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, TechPoint can offer this program at no cost for participants to apply in or participate in the program.

What happens after the program is over?

A final event will bring together Sales Bootcampers with participating and TechPoint member companies, who have the ability to extend offers and hire Sales Bootcamp participants who have successfully completed the program.



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