In an era where technology evolves at breakneck speed, staying ahead can seem daunting. How can anyone keep up with this rapid pace of change, especially in the tech industry?  

TechPoint releases roadmap to those seeking to join and advance in the tech sector. “Indiana’s Top 25 Tech Careers and the Skills and Competencies Needed to Succeed in Them,” identifies the 25 most in-demand tech roles and the skills required to excel in them.  

“We offer this report as guide to navigating a tech career in a fast-changing world,” said Dennis Trinkle, TechPoint’s Senior Vice President, Talent, Strategy & Partnerships. “It acknowledges the challenges posed by the current tech talent shortage and provides a path forward for the state’s economic and technological future.” 

Indiana has a robust tech sector with nearly three-quarters of its tech workers employed within companies in other economic sectors. This ubiquitous presence of tech workers illustrates the widespread need for tech talent and shows the broad-based economic threat presented by the current tech talent shortage. It also shows how overcoming this challenge will positively affect Indiana’s economy while also providing financial well-being for Hoosier tech professionals. 

Each of Indiana’s 25 most in-demand tech positions plays a vital part in shaping the tech landscape, catering to various aspects of technological development and implementation. They are: 

  1. AI/Machine Learning Engineer 
  2. Associate/Junior Developer 
  3. Bioinformatics Scientist 
  4. Business/Data Analyst 
  5. Business Development 
  6. Cloud Administrator 
  7. Cloud Engineer 
  8. CRM/Salesforce Administrator 
  9. Cybersecurity Specialist  
  10. Database Administrator 
  11. Data Scientist 
  12. DevOps Engineer 
  13. Digital Marketing Specialist 
  14. eCommerce Specialist 
  15. Full Stack Developer 
  16. Health IT Specialist 
  17. IoT Developer  
  18. IT Support Technician  
  19. Manufacturing and Robotics Technician 
  20. Network Engineer 
  21. Product Owner 
  22. Project Manager 
  23. Software Developer 
  24. System Architect 
  25. UI/UX Designer 

Fifty industry experts offered insights to the report. Its findings are underpinned by data from trusted sources like Emsi, Burning Glass Labor Insights, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The report is part of TechPoint’s Mission 41K, an ambitious initiative aiming to add 41,000 Hoosier tech workers by 2030. Tech Talent leaders, hiring managers and human resources personnel are encouraged to attend the free Mission41k Impact Network Summit on Tuesday February 27, 2024 to learn more about the Mission41k initiative progress.