In the past five years, TechPoint has launched and scaled 5 talent programs for interns, new grads, and career changers. And in 2017, we had over 2,500 applicants for those programs.

We created events like Tech 25 to celebrate your company’s rockstars and Winners’ Circle to bring venture capital firms to town.

And on Saturday, April 28, we hosted the largest Mira Awards audience in its 19-year history, twice as large as 5 years ago and 40% larger than last year’s record.

And our website,, grew to become the place where those of you in our local tech companies shared thousands of your stories, job openings, and events, giving a voice to the community we know and love.

It became apparent that amidst all of this growth and change that we needed a TechPoint brand and online presence that could effectively serve you all and boldly represent all of us to the outside world for the next five years.

So we decided to refresh the TechPoint brand, develop a website that explains what TechPoint is and does, and created a brand new web product that amplifies your stories of success.

Allow me to introduce you to a new TechPoint.


The TechPoint brand now represents our core values, our vibrant tech ecosystem, and the indomitable, change-the-world spirit of our team.

Our brand now encompasses the identities of our programs and products, which amplify our message, strengthen our vision, and extend our reach.

And it’s all live on right now. 

We’ve articulated not only who we are and what we do, but also, how we’ve grown from tech association to tech accelerator. And now, our resources about why Indy has the advantage, how to engage with the tech community, and how you can access our talent pipeline, are now comprehensive and just a few clicks away. is also the host of 587 tech directory profiles, 700 stories, thousands of job postings, and daily community events. Needless to say, we needed room to grow.

So, we created TechPoint Index.

TechPoint Index is our new online platform where many of you are subscribers and guest contributors, you’ve been featured by our prolific writers, or you’ve posted or applied for jobs on our Job Board.

TechPoint Index is your access to those resources and the promotion our ecosystem needs to thrive. It’s a platform we hope attracts and retains talent, customers, capital, while also providing a way for you to engage with your peers and grow together as an ecosystem.

We encourage you to support through your clicks and shares, and we can’t wait to further amplify your stories of success.

This entire project was a result of a simple idea to better articulate TechPoint’s mission and vision while giving you the best possible resources to help you grow. Thanks to our design and development partners, Innovatemap and Generation Moonshot, who worked fearlessly to turn ideas into realities.

Thank you for your continued support.