In advance of Veterans Day, we learned of a special relationship between TechPoint member company Verizon and the local organization Helping Veterans And Families of Indiana (HVAF) that we felt compelled to share with TechPoint Index readers. HVAF is the largest non-profit provider of comprehensive services for veterans in Indiana. They help homeless veterans return to self-sufficiency and they help veterans who are at risk for becoming homeless access the resources they need to prevent it from happening. 

Homelessness is a heartbreaking reality for more than 5,250 of our fellow Hoosiers, more than 1,600 of whom live unhoused in Indianapolis. On their website, HVAF notes that one in 10 homeless Hoosiers are veterans, totaling 572 veterans who are living on the streets of cities and town around Indiana every year.  

HVAF helps veterans and their families by providing housing, employment services, a food pantry including hygiene items and clothing, and community outreach. In addition to assisting people who are homeless, HVAF provides services to at-risk veterans and their families as well. The goal being to prevent veterans from experiencing homelessness in the first place, because once it happens it is statistically difficult to escape without intervention.  

The generous monetary gift through the Verizon Foundation helps to ensure HVAF can provide housing, case management, employment, and basic needs for the 1,300+ veterans they serve each year 

“Beyond the cash donation, Sedric Warren from Verizon reached out to us and asked how they could best serve our veterans,” said Emmy Hildebrand, CEO of HVAF of Indiana. “They have already made a significant impact on homeless and at-risk veterans’ lives. Sedric has taken lots of time out of his schedule to talk with HVAF and learn more about its mission, and even came to the headquarters to see the work that we do. We really appreciate how much Sedric and Verizon care about HVAF’s veterans and are doing all that they can to support our mission.” 

Verizon’s support of HVAF is helping homeless and at-risk veterans, and their families, get back on their feet and reach self-sufficiency in Indiana. Verizon has a similar relationship locally with Indy Warrior Partnership, an organization committed to improving veterans’ quality of life in Central Indiana through the coordination of local services and opportunities; from housing and employment to enrollment in VA e-benefits, healthcare, recreation, and more. 

According to Sedric Warren, community engagement with Verizon in the Midwest, the support Verizon provides to local veterans groups in Indiana is something the company has fostered over many years in regions across the country. It’s a commitment the communications giant has made to helping the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs care for the men and women who’ve served the U.S. through the military. 

The commitment Verizon has made to veterans and the VA is four-fold, including: 

  1. Military discounts at Verizon Wireless 
  1. Employment opportunities for reservists, military spouses and veterans 
  1. Monetary donations and support for local veterans organizations like HVAF of Indiana and Indy Warrior Partnership 
  1. Access to innovative, smart technologies at VA offices and campuses. 

Regarding access to innovation, the VA, Verizon, Medivis and Microsoft have formed a unique partnership to provide 5G-enabled holographic augmented reality capabilities across several medical procedures to enhance veteran care. Learn how Verizon 5G is driving innovation for the VA, as well as improving safety and patient outcomes in this video produced by VA Partners in Innovation. 

Since before the pandemic in 2019, Verizon customers who are Veterans have had unlimited access to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs VA Video Connect telehealth app without charge. Veterans can access the application anywhere across Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network, with zero data charges.

Verizon’s support for Veterans has been noticed by organizations and media covering the military. Verizon was ranked #2 in the Military Friendly® Company list for 2022, according to Military Friendly’s website, and Verizon has been in the Top 3 of the Military Friendly® Company list for five consecutive years. The company currently employs more than 8,000 reservists, guardsmen, and former service members. 

“I’m proud to work for a company that allocates significant dollars and resources to local veterans like we have done with HVAF and Indy Warrior Partnership,” said Warren. “It demonstrates a level of support that goes deeper and is truly about helping the vets who need help, providing high-tech solutions for the VA and great job opportunities for thousands of our service men and women. That’s a good feeling to see that kind of commitment on a big national level as well as right here in the community in Indiana and Indianapolis.” 

Learn more about how Verizon is helping veterans and active-duty service members.