Health analytics company Springbuk was featured on Inside INdiana Business this weekend to discuss the findings of their corporate wellness study. Titled “Wearable Technology: Unlocking ROI of Workplace Wellness,” Springbuk partnered with Fitbit to evaluate health care claims and wearable device data for a self-insured employers over a three-year period. The Springbuk Health Intelligence platform was used to analyze the impact of wearable technology as part of an overall wellness strategy.

Springbuk CEO Rod Reasen and Co-Founder and Vice President Phil Daniels spoke with Barbara Lewis during the Business of Health segment to discuss the findings from the study and share how their company is growing in Indianapolis.


“We used our software to collect three years of medical claims data, pharmacy data, biometric data, and for this study, Fitbit data. For that three year period we could see the efficacy of the program,” said Daniels. Employees who opted into the Fitbit program cost on average $1,292 less than employees in the control group, and engaged users total costs dropped by 46% over a two-year period. Download the full study here.

“If you ask an employer does the health of an employee actually matter, every employer is going to say absolutely, it’s evergreen. It always makes sense to invest in the health of the people that work for me. As an organization, we believe it’s important for an employer to understand where to invest in their employees,” said Reasen.

Since the close of their $3.75 million Series A round earlier this year, Springbuk has hired 20 new people and grew by 56% just in this last quarter. Read more about how the company uses health data to drive employer and employee health decisions in their featured profile.