What a great year 2015 was for the tech community in Indiana. Companies from all over the country (and the world) are looking to the Hoosier state to expand their businesses, and the homegrown start-ups and scale-ups that are responsible for the thriving tech community here are benefiting too.


TechPoint President and CEO Mike Langellier and Launch Fishers Founder John Wechsler sat down with Gerry Dick of Inside Indiana Business to reflect on some of the big wins from 2015, and to talk about what’s next for Indiana’s tech community.

Appirio, an enterprise crowdsourcing company out of San Francisco; and Emarsys, an all-in-one marketing cloud company from Vienna, Austria, were two of the most talked about new tech operations for Indianapolis last year.

Langellier attributes the growth to available tech talent, capital investment, and just great opportunities in Indiana. He mentioned that more than $200 million was invested in Indiana tech companies in 2015.

“Investors are more aware of the market. They prefer to invest here, they see the merits. We need more bold angels who are willing to put capital and work into these companies to get them over the edge”.

Wechsler said he thinks people need to pay attention to the smaller companies like Memory Ventures, a company focused on the preservation of people’s cherished memories, or Formstack, an online form building application, because they are important for the overall health and vitality of our community.

“Continued expansion of healthy, profitable, growing enterprises continue to build value right here in our community,” Welschler said.

Other emerging companies featured in the segment include:

Start-ups have been the darlings of tech in our community for a few years — getting a lot of well-deserved attention from media and the industry. In 2015, we saw the rise of the scale-up company and if Langellier and Wechsler have anything to do with it, it looks like 2016 will be all about scale-ups!