When your team includes people who have already invented their way into the history books for creating your industry and revolutionizing the way people look for a job, chances are you’re company’s going to be known for innovation. That’s the case with WorkHere, a recruitment and workforce development platform that won the “Best of Tech” Mira Award for Innovation of the Year.

Rick Wehrle, CTO and co-founder, who launched the very first online job board in 1994 (now known as Monster.com), and co-founders Howard Bates (CEO) and Mike Seidle (COO) took their patent-pending, geo-location enabled technology to new heights with pioneering precision.

“There are very few business awards in the State of Indiana that approach the level of prestige of TechPoint’s Mira Award,” said COO Mike Seidle. “To be a nominee puts you in company with elite, innovative, leading companies. As an entrepreneur, winning the Innovation of the Year Mira Award gives you the fuel to keep pushing to do more and better. It’s a powerful honor and motivator.”

We asked Mike what kind of impact winning a Mira Award had on WorkHere and the value he places on applying and participating in the awards process.

Did your company experience some immediate gains after winning a Mira Award?

There has been a great surge in interest in WorkHere, here in Indiana. Outside Indiana, we’re getting calls from potential investors that saw our win as a signal that WorkHere is a leader.

Since winning a Mira award, how has your company grown/transformed?

Our runway was extended as our win was instrumental in raising a bridge round that helped us be positioned for our series A raise. We’ve been steadily increasing sales since our win.

So far as customers go, we tell every prospect about our Mira Award. Our Mira Award did directly lead to the raise of a bridge round. We’re currently headed to raising our series A, and the Mira Award was responsible for helping us get the additional runway we needed.

What advice do you have for people considering applying for the Mira Awards this year? Is it worth it?

Take the Mira Award process seriously. Winning is a great thing and can be transformative. Being a nominee is a big deal, too.  We applied in 2017 and didn’t win. The process of preparing your presentation and the feedback from judges is invaluable, even if you don’t win.

How did you share the news of your win after the Mira Awards?

Seriously, we wasted zero time telling our 100,000 closest friends on social media about our win. We also have integrated the award into our sales, marketing and investor presentations.

We also threw a party for our employees because the award was earned by their hard work.

What is it like hearing your company name called out from the stage at the Mira Awards gala?

We took a look at the other finalists for our category and thought, “there’s no way.” When WorkHere was announced, we were beyond surprised. The best part was being able to acknowledge many of the people that helped get us where we are!

What’s next for your company? How are things going?

Right now we’re focused on growing our revenue and raising our Series A. Thanks to our Mira Award, we’re moving further and faster.

The process that TechPoint uses to pick the winners of Mira Awards is extremely valuable. We’ve been through it twice, and each time it’s led to us finding new and better ideas we can take to market. Innovators should participate in the process. It’s well worth the time spent, even if you do not win.

Applications are now open for the 20th anniversary TechPoint Mira Awards. Entries are due January 18, 2019.