The evidence-based, developer hiring platform Woven won the Startup of the Year award during TechPoint’s 21st annual Mira Awards gala honoring the best of tech in Indiana.

WATCH VIDEO: Gerry Dick interviews Woven Founder and CEO Wes Winham Winler.
WATCH VIDEO: Woven accepts Startup of the Year Mira Award.

In the past year, Woven has proven to be a driving force for equality and fairness in tech. Thanks to Woven, talented software engineers who would normally go overlooked due to their background have had the opportunity to show their skills and earn great, high-paying jobs for high-growth tech companies.

Woven is a technical screening solution that helps high-growth software teams hire faster and more effectively, while reducing bias. By using realistic work simulations instead of resumes to sort candidates, Woven uncovers hidden gems in your hiring pool so you can find talented engineers that other companies overlook.

For example, one Woven client hired a career switcher who had spent 15 years managing a Walmart grocery store. He went to a coding bootcamp and developed his skills with side projects, but other tech companies threw his resume in the trash due to a lack of experience. Today, he’s a Full Stack Rails Engineer for a Woven client and he’s thriving. Woven has made dozens of similar stories possible across the country, from large markets like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, to smaller markets like Des Moines.

Woven celebrates the moment the company is named Startup of the year.
Woven Founder and CEO Wes Winham Winler.

The Mira Awards judges were not only impressed by what Woven has accomplished in a short period of time—they tripled revenue in 2019 and expect to triple again in 2020—but the judges were struck by how relevant the company is today. At a time when companies are desperate to find the right tech talent, especially at the top of the hiring funnel, Woven is uncovering the real, qualified and diverse talent that has proven to be difficult to find or often overlooked by hiring managers.

One of the greatest values Woven offers hiring managers is the speed at which they find the right candidates. Woven clients are currently seeing an 80% reduction in engineering time spent on hiring, tens of thousands of dollars saved on headhunter fees every quarter, and new hires are two-thirds less likely to churn in their first 120 days than hires made without Woven.

TechPoint, the nonprofit, industry-led growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, honored the successes and innovation of Indiana people, places, companies and products during the 21st annual and first-ever virtual Mira Awards gala with presenting sponsors Eli Lilly and Company, Genesys, Infosys, Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Salesforce.


A total of 15 award winners and honorees were chosen from the 129 outstanding people, places companies and products that were selected as nominees for their achievements during the 2019 calendar year. Forty-eight independent, volunteer judges spent more than 850 total hours evaluating applications, interviewing nominees, and selecting this year’s winners. Judges included company founders, CEOs and presidents, CTOs, CIOs, and other subject matter experts.


The Mira Awards are named after the first of the brilliant variable stars to be discovered – the Mira Star. It is also the Latin root meaning “worthy of admiration, wonderful, marvelous.” The awards represent the best of tech in Indiana each year.