School sports get an upgrade with AfterSchool HQ

Metro Indianapolis kids aren’t engaging in after school sports, according to statistics from Indianapolis Public Schools, but three entrepreneurs developed an idea that’s now being rolled out to 60 IPS schools in an attempt to get more kids into sports and on their way to greatness.

AfterSchool HQ helps more Indiana students enroll in after school programs

Growing up with two parents working in the local school system where I also attended, I couldn’t get up to anything out of the ordinary without hearing about it back at home later that evening. Even innocently going through the McDonald’s drive-thru with friends after school was reason enough for people to let my parents […]

TechPoint Foundation for Youth launches fundraising effort to extend popular robotics teams, competition into high schools

When organizers at TechPoint Foundation for Youth (TPF4Y) decided in 2016 to help address Indiana’s need for more workers in the tech sector, they made a strategic decision to start young and cultivate robotics programs for elementary and middle school students. That decision has paid off as evidenced by the third annual VEX State Robotics […]