If it seems like you can’t turn around without hearing about some new application or use case for artificial intelligence (AI), that’s because you can’t.  

The pace of change resulting from AI adoption in the world — and in Indiana – is  coming faster than anything organizations and individuals have experienced before. As of May 2024, 85 percent of tech leaders and workers reporting their organizations are in some stage of AI adoption.  The McKinsey Global Institute projects that this AI-driven automation will prompt 12 million occupational transitions by 2030 and will slant toward higher-skilled, higher-paid jobs.   And, companies will only be able to engage 25 percent of the AI-skilled talent they need.  

This rapid change is creating pressure for organizations of all types to innovate and adapt to remain competitive and market-worthy. New hiring and talent strategies will be essential to address the pressing need for talent with new skills needed for the AI shift.  

TechPoint’s 2024 Artificial Intelligence Workforce Report, published today, outlines the landscape AI adoption is creating and offers guidance for corporate leaders, managers, HR professionals, policymakers and workers.  

It defines the skills that will be impacted by AI and to what degree, and identifies the skills workers need and the upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling support employers must provide to ensure their workforce has the abilities required by their business demands. Many of these actions are outlined in TechPoint’s Mission41K effort, which is made even more invaluable by AI’s pervasive reach. 

We invite you to read the report and join – or renew your support for – Indiana’s collaborative work to best position the state’s digital innovation sector for the coming workforce environment.  

Download the new report here.