Angie Hicks talks with those in attendance after her speech at Tech ThursdayTechPoint’s May Tech Thursday event held at Baker & Daniels was filled with a room of Indiana IT executives, good food, beverages and a lot of networking, but what topped off the evening was speaker Angie Hicks, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Angie’s List – The ever-growing Indianapolis-based company. 

Angie’s List is a consumer generated company that takes consumer reviews of local companies and makes them available to the public by charging a monthly subscription fee.

At the event, Hick’s spoke on her struggles, trials and tribulations over the past 15 years in her inspiring efforts of starting Angie’s List and turning it into what it is today.

What started as a door to door business selling magazine subscriptions has evolved into a company with some 750,000 customers generating revenue in 2009 of more than $34 million. Today, Angie’s List is present in 124 markets and last year grew 35 percent despite the recession.

In recent news, Angie’s List has gone international, opening a market in Canada. In its efforts towards expansion, the company is continuously trying new marketing tools of which its most recent includes the usage of social media outlets – Facebook and Twitter.

Hick's said that Angie’s List has evolved to become a credible recognition of which Indiana businesses take great pride in and want to be a part of.