Independent radio stations find digital foothold with emerging business technology — new live streaming mobile app

Jason ZicklerMyStationApp ( is a new Indiana technology innovation designed to connect fans to their favorite radio station live no matter where they are, by porting PLS streams (multimedia files) onto their smart phones.

The app has struck a chord with independent stations such as WTTS in Indianapolis, which believes apps are a technology business trend that can enrich the relationship with their audience.

“Our goal is to be part of our listeners’ lifestyle. Our mantra is to think like listeners first and foremost, and MyStationApp nailed it,” says Brad Holtz, program director for Indiana-based AAA station WTTS.

MyStationApp is favored by indie radio stations because it features a low implementation cost and a short development time—under a week in many cases—yet can be completely customized by each station to create a one-of-a-kind product.

Boost AppMyStationApp was developed by Indiana information technology company, digital marketing agency and software developer Boost Media & Entertainment ( in Indianapolis.

· WTTS racked up 1,500 downloads of its app in one week.
· MyStationApp uses streams with the AAC+ codec for Apple iOS devices.
· For Android devices, the app streams a 64k MP3.
· Complete apps are under 1 MB, meaning ultra-fast download and install times.
· App integrates with stations’ social networking efforts in Facebook and Twitter.

About Boost Media & Entertainment:

Boost Media & Entertainment is an Indianapolis-based digital marketing agency and software developer specializing in mobile and web-based applications. Boost created MyStationApp with guidance from Strategic Advisor Jason Acquisto. Acquisto has several years of experience in programming and sales at number of independent radio stations. Visit Boost’s website at

Name: Jason Zickler
Company: Boost Media Entertainment
City: Indianapolis
State: IN