As the year 2020 comes to a close, now is the time to reflect upon what you have achieved during these tumultuous and unprecedented times. How did you face the tremendous challenges of the past year and what impact did you have on your team, your company or organization, your industry or field of expertise or even the tech community?

Because we are Hoosiers, we too often allow our desire to be modest and unpretentious to override our need for recognition—even when our achievements are significant and the recognition is obviously deserved. (We must break ourselves of this habit.)

Whether it was creating an influential new tech product or service; discovering or inventing a breakthrough innovation; launching a startup or investing in startups; scaling and growing a company or city; blazing a trail in tech, tech education or on behalf of the tech community; there is a place for you among the state’s top achieving tech professionals. You just need to tell your story!

Apply for yourself or nominate someone else deserving of a “Best of Tech” Mira Award.

This is why TechPoint created the “Best of Tech” Mira Awards awards program in 1999, to recognize tech-related achievements and innovation statewide, and ultimately to stimulate future tech growth and entrepreneurship. Each year, nominees and winners reap millions of dollars in value from promotion and often venture capital investment, hiring success, and connections as a result of the validation and visibility gained from participating in the awards.

You’ll notice that the previous sentence states “participating” in the awards brings validation and visibility, not just winning. Entering the Mira Awards, being selected as a nominee and presenting to one of the independent judging panels alone places you among the best of the best in Indiana. The Mira Awards judging process is rigorous and demonstrates both your preparedness and your temerity to accept the role of leader, influencer and tech community forerunner. 

“RISE UP” is this year’s Mira Awards theme, which encourages the community to seize opportunities and look to the future with hope and resolve to overcome the turbulence and tragedy suffered during 2020. The awards bring us together to celebrate what we have achieved, to tell our state’s tremendous tech success stories and amplify them to media, investors and technology buyers nationwide.

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Here are 10 reasons to enter the 22nd annual TechPoint Mira Awards!

Validation – As mentioned above, the Mira Awards judging process is rigorous. Our 52 independent, volunteer subject matter experts take their evaluation roles very seriously and all nominees and winners can be proud of their selection to be a part of the awards program.

Increased Sales – Nominees and winners have reported sales bumps from the exposure. One winner tracked a $1 million sale back to a contact made directly through the Mira Awards. (Now that’s quite a bump!)

Team Morale – “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” People say this for a reason. Demonstrating to your team that you believe in them and recognize their accomplishments by entering the Mira Awards has a great big, positive impact on morale.

Name Recognition – The Mira Awards generate millions of dollars worth of media coverage every year and your name or company will appear alongside the state’s “Best of Tech” achievers in search results for years to come.

Hiring Advantages – Numerous hiring managers have told us that they got a welcome boost in job applications both during and after participating in the Mira Awards. People want to work with winners, which includes program nominees.

Community Spirit – There is something to be said for being a part of something bigger than yourself. Every year there are special moments, especially during the awards gala, when the feels are so good that goosebumps are inevitable.

Funding Sources – Mira Awards participants have received big investments (one that we know of was $4 million) from angel investors and venture capitalists from around the country. Some of our judges have become investors too!

Personal Advancement – Just like the Oscars does for actors, winning a Mira Award elevates you to a revered level among the community forever. You’ll be referred to as a “Mira Award winner” or a “Mira Award winning company” far into the future.

Industry Advancement – Recognizing achievements and celebrating successes are critical to fostering more of them. The Mira Awards help to inspire the people, teams and organizations who will lead our community in the future.

Marketing Opportunities – When you are selected to be part of the Mira Awards, a world of new marketing opportunities opens up to you. Participants earn access to digital marketing materials, artwork and other resources that offer shared brand equity as “the Best of Tech in Indiana.”