Jenny Vance's latest entrepreneurial pursuit is PlanSoon, a company newly launched as part of VentureCamp. Vance had the idea for PlanSoon following frustration with existing social networking tools.  “I had a frustration that most social is based on the assumption that you know people… Your network in essence is limited by that.” 

Instead of specifically identifying its intent, Vance says Plansoon is “a very open platform,” that its users will help define.  But at the end of the day, it’s “all about connecting with people you haven’t met yet based on your commonality of interests.” 

PlanSoon pulls from existing social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which allows users to “leverage existing social” in which they’ve already invested personally and professionally.  Then, users are able to reach out via PlanSoon based on similar interests identified through the linked content. 

Vance says PlanSoon is “creating a new wave in social” – a “social monsoon.”  “It’s creating a new way of thinking about how we connect and meet new people…It’s based on immediate needs so it sit in an unsolved market.” 

Vance and the PlanSoon team started down the road to development in May of 2012 with a test in the fall of 2012.  Following revision, the product went live at the end of February of this year.  The company now has a live application and live integrations to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  On June 15, PlanSoon went to market in Indianapolis. 

Right now, PlanSoon is looking for looking for beta users.  Vance says the goal is to have 10,000 users in Indy by the end of July.  The team is hard at work in their VentureCamp workspace, heading toward their “aggressive” goal.