Entrepreneur, TechPoint board member and longtime tech community executive and leader Brad Bostic was recognized by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as its Dynamic Leader of the Year, one of the economic development organization’s marquee annual awards sponsored by Indiana Wesleyan University. Brad received the award during the Chamber’s 31st Annual Awards program on November 10.

Brad was one of three Hoosier difference-makers honored during the awards program. All three were engaged in the COVID-19 pandemic battle from the start. Dave Ricks, chairman and CEO of Eli Lilly and Company (also a TechPoint member company) received the Ogletree Deakins Business Leader of the Year award, and Dr. Kristina Box, Indiana State Department of Health commissioner received the Birch Bayh-Richard Lugar Government Leader of the Year award.

TechPoint Index readers will recall that hc1, the precision health company Brad founded in in 2011, has made local and national headlines several times over the past year. Most recently, hc1 created the interactive CV19 Lab Testing Dashboard that helps healthcare professionals and policy makers identify hotspots of the COVID-19 virus faster and more accurately (and at no charge) using real-time lab data that is weeks ahead of the lagging indicators available to most other dashboards.

Earlier this summer, hc1’s PGx Advisor received a coveted TechPoint “Best of Tech” Mira Award and was named Tech Product of the year. It’s the third Mira Award hc1 has received over the past seven years. PGx Advisor™ from hc1, removes the barriers that stand in the way of precision prescribing—allowing healthcare professionals to get their patients the right medicine at the right dosage at the right time. More information about the award is available in the official winner story, including video interviews from Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick.

“The individuals saluted in 2020 share a common bond – being on the front line of the health care response to the pandemic. The efforts of these leaders and their teams not only helped Hoosiers in numerous ways, but they also literally saved lives,” says Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar.

More from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce awards press release:

Lab data can tell so many stories. The founder and head of hc1 is passionate about his organization using that information to personalize health care in 2020 and beyond.

In official terms, Bostic’s goal is for “each patient to receive personalized care leading to faster and more accurate diagnoses with targeted lab testing and precision prescribing that utilizes an individual’s unique genetic makeup in developing the optimal drug regimen.”

hc1 integrates more than 500 million clinical and diagnostic transactions each month into its cloud-based platform. The total was 23 billion and counting as of late August. The company used that information, and continued innovation, to deliver a series of solutions for its health care clients, employers and universities throughout 2020.

“Let’s just put it this way. I used to have to explain to people why lab data was so important,” Bostic shares. “And now it’s front page news in the Wall Street Journal every day.”

All of the Indiana Chamber award winners are featured in the November/December issue of BizVoice magazine; those stories are available at www.bizvoicemagazine.com.