Healthx, a leader in cloud-based digital engagement solutions for healthcare payers and other stakeholders, held its second annual Experience Healthx conference on October 23-25 at The Alexander boutique hotel and event center in downtown Indianapolis.

Healthx is an Indianapolis company that provides SaaS-based healthcare solutions to improve consumer and provider engagement.  The company has grown to more than 135 employees with over 200 customers across the country. Healthx was a Tech Company of the Year finalist for TechPoint’s 18th annual Mira Awards earlier this year.

Experience Healthx brings its customers together with industry experts and Healthx thought leaders to discuss trends and best practices to engage consumers to better manage their health. By leveraging the consumer and provider relationship, payers can improve patient outcomes while cutting costs in a single, unified platform, as exemplified by several of the customer presentations.

A common theme throughout the conference was the significance of consumerism in healthcare today with the focus on quality care and quality outcomes. In the opening session, Healthx CEO Sean Downs shared the company’s vision for engaging consumers. “First and foremost, we have to understand the consumer’s experience,” said Downs. “We need to anticipate their needs and deliver ongoing value. Analytics is crucial in delivering the right data to help consumers understand how they can take better control of their own health.” Downs also noted the significance of engaging healthcare providers and helping to build and leverage the patient/doctor relationship.

Other presentations and sessions at the conference focused on various strategies to help engage healthcare consumers with a heavy focus on how providing better care and patient experiences is ultimately always more cost-effective. Telemedicine, mobile messaging and transparency of healthcare prices were among the strategies discussed that are designed to engage consumers, improve health outcomes and reduce administrative costs.

This year’s conference marked significant growth from last year’s inaugural event, with more than 175 participants and more than 40 customer organizations represented this year, representing a 75 percent increase in attendance.

Healthx is planning to host the event again in 2018, and expects continued growth. Downs commented, “The feedback we received at the conference was overwhelmingly positive. The agenda was not just a ‘show and tell’ around our capabilities. The sessions focused on strategies and best practices that our customers can use to improve healthcare today while preparing for future market demands.”

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About the Author

StaceyWay is the marketing operations manager for Healthx. She manages the sales and marketing processes, including proposals, technology, campaigns, content creation and reporting.