Winning is Great, but Startup Founders Taught me that the Work is Where it’s At 

I recently read “Choosing to Run” by Des Linden, the 2018 Boston Marathon winner. The book delves into the power of grit and perseverance, and I highly encourage anyone to read it regardless of your interest in running. I came across a quote from her in the book that I cannot stop thinking about:  “Having […]

2024’s Record Tech Capex Investments are Preparing Indiana for the Age of AI 

Indiana is in a global race for tech and innovation, and from where we sit, it’s in great position: home to one of only nine Salesforce Towers; one of only six Infosys U.S. tech and innovation centers; one of the top 15 highest-growth VC ecosystems, and now one of the world’s prime data center hosts […]

Butler EdTech Accelerator cohort energized by learnings at ASU+GSV

Butler EdTech Accelerator cohort energized by learnings at ASU+GSV By Logan White In April, the Butler Accelerator for Education and Workforce Innovation cohort and I took part in the Arizona State University – Global Silicon Valley Ventures (ASU+GSV) Summit in San Diego. The gathering was the 14th year for the conference, which brings together leaders, […]

Last TechPoint Pitch Night of 2023 demonstrates greater focus on helping Hoosier innovators 

TechPoint’s latest Pitch Night was sprinkled with applause throughout the four founders’ presentations, but the loudest and longest sustained support came when the launch of the Indiana Founders Network was announced.  More than 30 founders had already signed up to join the Founders Network by Index press time, a good portion of them coming during […]

Nominations open today for TechPoint’s 25th annual ‘Best of Tech’ Mira Awards 

Tickets are on sale now; capacity has doubled with the April 26, 2024, event now at the Old National Centre   TechPoint today opened nominations for its highly anticipated 25th-anniversary Mira Awards honoring the “Best of Tech” in Indiana. Named after the brightest star that can be seen from Earth, the Mira Awards gala recognizes excellence […]

Adapting to a Rough Venture Capital Funding Terrain

Breaking Tradition Securing financial backing through venture capital rounds has always posed significant challenges, yet the landscape has evolved over time, rendering these hurdles even more visible in recent years. At ActiveCampaign, we know what financing is like during these very challenges your business might be facing today. However, the crucial periods for our company […]

Generative AI and Indiana’s Tech Community

The world is abuzz with chatter about generative artificial intelligence (AI) and how new tools, such as ChatGPT, can be leveraged to help generate ideas, create new work products and even complete simple tasks.   Many businesses, including those in the Indiana tech community, are in the early stages of exploring the ways generative AI can […]

Q2 2023 Indiana Tech Venture Report: Steadying Pace Towards Market Equilibrium Between Startups and Investors

By Ting Gootee, CFA, CAIA and Roger Shuman  The venture capital landscape today, with regards to deal flow, looks similar to that of the early months of the pandemic in 2020. Crunchbase data showed global venture funding in Q2 2023 fell 18% quarter over quarter to $65 billion, down 49% compared to the second quarter […]