Healthx customer conference continues to grow, improve healthcare outcomes

Healthx, a leader in cloud-based digital engagement solutions for healthcare payers and other stakeholders, held its second annual Experience Healthx conference on October 23-25 at The Alexander boutique hotel and event center in downtown Indianapolis. Healthx is an Indianapolis company that provides SaaS-based healthcare solutions to improve consumer and provider engagement.  The company has grown […]

Sprint Week: A Forcing Function of Innovation

Innovating at Speed At High Alpha, we launch a new software company every 4 months. When I joined High Alpha as Director of Strategy & Innovation, my first task was to work with the partners to create the organizational discipline of innovating at this rapid pace. All businesses have a momentum towards operating over innovating. […]

Marketing at the speed of business requires ‘marketing orchestration management’

This is the second post in a three-part series on marketing at tech startups and scale-ups. Read the first post on marketing at tech startup Sigstr here. Marketers in today’s digital century are required to fragment their time across multiple platforms as new ways of communicating information through apps, online advertising and social media pop […]

Schneider Corporation’s data platform could power the next killer app

The Schneider Corporation might be a familiar name. It was founded in Indianapolis as a land surveying and civil engineering firm in the 1960s; added geographical information systems (GIS) services in the 1990s (starting in 1989 to be exact); and continued to make bold moves into the software-as-a-service, e-government space over the past 25+ years. […]

‘The New Crossroads of IoT’ – where Indiana’s backbone meets the Internet of Things

Every conference I’ve attended lately kicks off with thought-provoking ideas or questions that frame the day’s presentations. At IndyIoT on Wednesday, Oct. 25, that meant hearing ClearObject CEO John McDonald list three opinions that really stuck with me: In five to seven years, we’ll have cars that drive us. IoT of tomorrow asks why things […]

How venture banking can play a key role in tech scale-ups

As the tech ecosystem in Indiana continues to mature, it’s not uncommon to read stories about scale-up companies like Sigstr raising $5 million in a recent Series A capital raise, or SmarterHQ raising an additional $13 million in venture financing as part of an overall $33.6 million dollar raise. The days of venture capital activity staying […]

Kronos celebrates 40 years of innovation and service plus five years in Indianapolis

In a very short time, workforce software and solutions innovator Kronos Incorporated has grown from being the new guys in town to a thriving operation employing 250 Kronites in Indianapolis and counting. “We are, of course, a technology provider, but who we are as a company is much greater,” said Kristina Lengyel, Vice President – […]

Secured funding? Here’s how to announce it.

Raising your first seed round or a Series A is a big step for any tech startup. By the time you’re ready to close a funding round, you’ve found the right group of investors, advisors and potential new board members, and you’re ready to roll out the good word to the masses in a funding […]