TechPoint's "New Economy New Rules" event, sponsored and hosted by Barnes & Thornburg and simulcast to more than 20 locations statewide, was at capacity … again … at the downtown Indianapolis location. Could have been the topic, the speakers, or the joy of navigating snow covered roads!

Special guest speakers and panelists Kelli Schmith of Karmic Boom, Chris Lucas of Formspring, and Kyle Lacy of Brandswag entertained and informed the more than 350 attendees and broadcast viewers with their some of their own social media mantras and observed marketplace mishaps.

Several attendees and I were Tweeting soundbites throughout the event. Here are a few of the more poinant tids and bits:

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @chrislucas5 @wechsler: The Twall of Fame helped #FormSpring earn brand evangelists. #NENR #TechPoint

Myrlandnancypicture_normal nancymyrland: #NENR presenter @chrislucas is talking abt the power of listening in Social Media.

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @MarketingVeep: Kelli is demonstrating to this capacity crowd that social media isn't for geeks and "those people" alone. #NENR #TechPoint

Picture_2_normal chuckgose: #NENR @marketingveep mentions that sharing is a key part of her social media activity.

Twitter_normal mitchdf: @marketingveep 60s demo fastest growing segment in social #tehcpoint #NENR

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @MarketingVeep: Google has made social media searchable. You cannot hope that this is going away and survive. #NENR #TechPoint

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @MarketingVeep: Are you ready to give up control and let customers tell your story for you? It's already happening! #NENR #TechPoint

Twitter_normal mitchdf: @kyleplacy "Always respond" to negative social media conversations. #NENR #techpoint

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: 350 million people on Facebook and 70% are outside the U.S. @kyleplacy #NENR #TechPoint

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @chrislucas5: Respond to negative social media in an honest way, try to fix the problem and get good results. #NENR

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @MarketingVeep: Don't rush to a negative or emotional reaction on social media, be calm and helpful and people will know you ROCK! #NENR

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @chrislucas5: Set policy, but DO allow employees to be evangelists empowered to share and interact with customers. #NENR #TechPoint

Matt_normal hunckler: In corporate social media, give emplyees room and permission to interact with others. Keep it personal. — @chrislucas5 at #nenr

Techpoint_bugs_normal TechPointInd: @kyleplacy: Yes, advertise thru social media, but do it differently than broadcast media. CUSTOMIZE! #NENR #TechPoint

Picture_2_normal chuckgose: #NENR @marketingveep Let social media "feed your passion." Helpful advice to those who are new.

B_t-twitter-logo-medium_normal BTLaw_News: Lots of great ideas shared today! Don't forget to register for the next #NENR seminar on social media marketing on Feb. 5!