App PressThe idea of App Press was conceived in early 2010 after Kevin Smith and I discussed a way designers could build an iOS app without writing a single line of code. To us this would be an extremely powerful emerging business technology tool for any business or publisher. The goal was to construct the entire tool so that it was 100% web-based – eliminating difficult software installations, thus making it enterprise friendly. To complement the web-based CMS tool we would need an universal iOS app to preview and share App Press designs and apps. After many beta phases and a three-month-long approval process with Apple we final launched App Press to the public on May 28, 2011.

Since May 28, App Press has gone from 22 to 1,000 clients in 6 different countries. App Press clients now include Random House, Tweddle Group, Pentagram (The world’s largest independent design consultancy), Gannett Digital and the Indianapolis Star which utilized App Press to develop the hugely successful, ‘500 History’ app for the iPad and iPhone.

What makes App Press so unique is its simplicity. The App Press designer uploads the images he or she creates (jpgs or pngs), then repositions the elements in the App Press interface. By hitting the save button in the tool and using the App Press app, users can instantly view their work on their iPad and/or iPhone. You can also create hotspots that link to anywhere online and tie in any Twitter feed or social media feed. ( Our clients and users have flooded the system with countless designs and several apps which anyone can download from the App Store.

App Press has chronicled the success stories of several App Press apps. From ‘The Chili Chef’ being hand selected by Apple and featured in the App Store, to ‘500 History’ being featured on the iTunes home page. We’ve also seen App Press empower companies like New York based, AngioDynamics by allowing them to install an employee manual app on all their company’s iPads and iPhones through their Apple enterprise account. The Jacky Winter Group based out of Australia put together a beautiful app featuring their client’s illustration work. ‘The Jacky Winter Field Guide’ showcases the very best contemporary Australian artists and their work for clients such as Nike, GQ, Wired, Reader’s Digest, Random House and Conde Nast.

App Press

The Jacky Winter Group director, Jeremy Wortsman had this to say about App Press …

"We are incredibly thrilled to be using App Press for our agency’s first iPad publication app. After investigating similar options on the market, there is simply no contest in terms of price, support, features, and overall level of care and personal attention that the App Press team has demonstrated over the course of developing our app. We are still shocked to this day how seamless the process has been and how our existing print design resources were able to effortlessly translate into a highly polished and functional native iOS app. Simply remarkable."

Our goal at App Press is to empower designers and publishers by allowing them to leverage their existing content to build something amazing for the iPad and iPhone. Our pricing beats all comparable options for building a quality iOS app (quality is the keyword). We believe App Press’ incredible features will take your app to highest level of quality for a fraction of the cost it would take you to develop it elsewhere.

Grant Glas
Grant Glas
Company: Invisions Technical Arts
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana

Grant is the CEO / Co-Founder of App Press LLC and Invisions Technical Arts LLC. With several years of hard work developing identity and branding systems, promotional materials, web sites, editorial design and mobile apps for a wide range of clients, Grant has developed a vast portfolio. Drawing from the big closet of art and design history, classic and pop iconography, literature, music and film, Grant creates images that speak to contemporary audiences with emotional impact and appeal.