The NFL and the New York and New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee again took a page from the Indianapolis Host Committee and Raidious playbook from Super Bowl XLVI. The NY/NJ Committee created a Social Media Communications Center as a public service for the estimated 400,000 Super Bowl related visitors to the region.

The Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee and Raidious created the very first Social Media Command Center with an emphasis on safety, "super" service, coverage and amplification.

  1. Safety – respond first to any safety-oriented issue / crisis
  2. Super Service – respond to any negative dialog related to the city or event, & help people have a great experience!
  3. Coverage – know what’s happening when and where, capture it and publish it
  4. Amplification – find positive dialog, or positive consumer content, and amplify it
Anecdotal stories and hard data proved the model during the 2012 event in Indianapolis, and both host committees following have copied the model pioneered by Raidious and the Indy Committee.
News Stories about the Social Media Communications/Command Center strategy and activities have appeared in local and national media, including this ADWEEK article that specifically credits Indianapolis with originating the social media model.
Learn more about the original Social Media Command Center on the Raidious website.