Nineteen different venture capital firms, angel investors, and investment banks joined past and present Mira Award winners and other tech innovators at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on “Fast Friday” at the end of May for a special TechPoint Winners’ Circle celebration that included rapid-fire investable company pitches and speed-dating with investors.

At the end of the day, after networking and meeting with executives from dozens of Indiana’s most successful and promising companies, we caught up with San Francisco-based Nicholas Crowne from Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), and Omaha, Nebraska-based Greg Beaufait from Dundee Venture Capital. We asked both investors what they think about the opportunities in Indiana and the greater Indianapolis metro area, along with their impressions of the strength of the tech community here.

TCV is one of the nation’s largest technology-focused venture capital firms and Dundee is a $20 million Midwest-focused fund investing in companies at the earliest stages and mentoring startups as they ramp up their growth.

“We have a great relationship with Indianapolis because we share a lot of the same values,” Nicholas said. “I think TCV is low ego, high work ethic and I think that ethos is a trait that I find to be very common in Indy-based tech companies.”

TCV has a long history with the Indianapolis tech community dating back to their original investment in ExactTarget in 2009.

“In the industries that I cover — which are B2B companies and a handful of vertical sectors — there’s cetainly no shortage of great companies coming out of the Indy tech community. It’s a great time to be a technology investor and its been great to see the evolution of the technology community of the Indy area along the way,” Nicholas said.

“Indy has a lot of companies that are growing quickly and generating revenue and I think the interesting thing that we see — maybe compared to the other cities like a Kansas City, Minneapolis or Madison — is that companies in Indy think big. They are attacking big markets and even though they are generating revenue, that’s not slowing them down.”

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