Are you ready to meet the next generation of tech talent? Finals are over and students are moving to Indianapolis for a summer that will propel their tech careers forward.

In total, TechPoint has created four distinct programs addressing talent needs for our community:

  1. Xtern — a 10-week internship program for tech-skilled college students
  2. Xtern Bootcamp — a 3-week training program for high potential tech-skilled college students that will run three times this summer
  3. Sales Bootcamp — a 6-week training program for new grads and career changers
  4. IndyX Tech Fellowship — a 2-year program for tech-skilled new grads

Ideally, college freshman and sophomores will start their journey at Xtern Bootcamp. The following year they can apply to join Xtern, and after graduation we hope they apply to be part of the Indy Tech Fellowship.

This suite of talent programs, including Sales Bootcamp, needed its own brand. Today, we are launching TechPointX — your talent multiplier.



Attracting and retaining talent for Indiana tech companies is a core part of TechPoint’s mission. Since launching Xtern in 2013, our programs and the students and new grads we reach has grown tremendously. Now, the talent programs are unified under one major brand name that represents all four of our current programs.

Want to see these programs in action? Watch this short video (which we leaked at this year’s Mira Awards) to hear from the students and the companies we serve each year.

Interested in learning more about these tech talent programs? Here’s a list of great stories that recap how students, companies and the Indiana tech community

Xtern Bootcamp:



TechPointX Swag
New swag means new students are almost here! We cannot wait to welcome nearly 300 students and graduates to Indianapolis this summer for the TechPointX talent programs, which are kicking off in just a few days!

Indy Tech Fellowship:

Sales Bootcamp:

Philanthropic support allows us to provide these programs each year. Here are a few shoutouts to our partnerships:

Engage with TechPointX this summer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to read profiles of students who are seeing Indy for the first time, learn about how Indy’s tech companies are excelling thanks to their summer talent, and stay up-to-date on timelines for applications and recruitment of next year’s wave of talent.