Kinney Group, Inc., a cloud solutions integrator serving the Global Fortune 2000, IT-centric mid-market companies, and US Public Sector organizations, announced today that it secured investment from Elevate Ventures. The participation from Elevate Ventures rounds out Kinney Group’s Series A growth funding raise when paired with the investment from Plymouth Ventures last fall, bringing the total funding round to a close at $6M.

“Kinney Group is on the edge of explosive growth,” said Sarah Nelms, Chief Operating Officer, Kinney Group, Inc. who led the strategy and execution to land the two partnerships. “With this round of funding we have fuel in the tank to meet market demands and scale our organization.”

“Kinney Group helps organizations harness the power of information technology in the cloud to make life better for their businesses, missions, and colleagues,” said Jim Kinney, CEO and founder of Indianapolis-based Kinney Group, Inc. “The investments from Elevate Ventures and Plymouth Ventures will help us accelerate our company growth in the areas of secure cloud computing, analytics, and data center automation.”

Founded in 2006, Kinney Group has become a leading solutions integration partner for technology platforms such as Splunk, AppDynamics, Puppet, VMware, and other next-generation platform providers that are enabling the “New IT” of the 21st century. Splunk, a California-based big data software firm, presented Kinney Group with its 2016 Public Sector Professional Services Partner of the Year, and earlier this year it was honored with the Global Partner Marketing Excellence Award from Splunk. Kinney Group was a 2016 TechPoint Mira Award nominee for Tech Company of the Year, and the company is also nominated in this year’s awards. Read more about Kinney Group in their Featured Company of the Week profile.

Kinney Group’s funding announcement follows its 2015 growth announcement, when the company shared its plans to invest $5.8 million into its growth and create up to 89 new high-wage jobs by 2019. Since the announcement, the company has expanded to operate in nearly 10,000 square feet at 2425 W. Michigan St. on Indianapolis’ west side, and is working now to build out an additional 10,000-square-feet of its facility. This will provide the company with an updated office to serve its information technology clients, including Global Fortune 2000 businesses and public sector organizations.

Elevate Ventures’ investment was made from the Indiana 21st Century Research & Technology Fund, a direct investment vehicle positioned to support early-stage high-growth companies — often called scale-ups. “Kinney Group has an impressive track record of organic growth,” said Chris LaMothe, Chief Executive Officer of Elevate Ventures. “We look forward to a strong partnership with the company and Plymouth Ventures to further capitalize on the market opportunities.”