If you’ve ever tried to get information on a product you already own — like finding an owner’s manual, warranty, replacement parts or a place where they can help you fix it — then you already know why Lumavate was created.

The experience of trying to get the information you need from an inanimate object is as silly as it sounds. Lumavate software-as-a-service technology solves the silliness with a mobile content delivery solution manufacturers use to place anything and everything product-related that consumers might need at their fingertips.

For the manufacturers, Lumavate solves some of their most complex challenges while decreasing costs and potentially increasing revenue after the sale.

Lumavate launches digital content directly from your product labels and stickers through a variety of mobile friendly technologies (QR, NFC, Text back and others), instantly connecting users to useful self-service product resources without relying on generic web searches. Manufacturers have the flexibility to offer different types of content such as video, documents, parts, dealer and repair center information at the model or serial number level. The types of content users can access are limitless.

Paul McGrath

Paul McGrath, CEOWest Point grad led Bazaarvoice EMEA before joining Lumavate.

“The variety of relevant content that a manufacturer can manage through Lumavate is limitless,” says President and CEO Paul McGrath.

“Providing the manufacturer a real-time captive way to reach customers ensures the machine is always operating with 100% uptime.”

The idea for Lumavate initially came from some customer interactions at label printing company Duramark, where Bill Godfrey is a Board member. He brought the idea to software veteran Rob McLaughlin and they immediately realized the tech opportunity and potential to transform the space. Proven tech executives, Paul McGrath, CEO and John Lawrence, CTO were recruited as part of the founding leadership team to turn vision into reality. The company signed its first major customer, MobileDrill International, in December.

“We’re constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to customer satisfaction strategies,” said Tim Sabo, president of MobileDrill. “Lumavate is the first solution we’ve found that will truly personalize the machine for the user and serve as a resource for information at the exact time of need.”

The Lumavate Team: (left to right) Megan Glover, Sean Lavies, Matt Kelsey, Wes Day, John Lawrence, Colleen McLaughlin, Tim Butler (not pictured) Paul McGrath, Patty Newey, Rob McLaughlin.
The Lumavate Team: (left to right) Megan Glover, Sean Lavies, Matt Kelsey, Wes Day, John Lawrence, Colleen McLaughlin, Tim Butler (not pictured) Paul McGrath, Patty Newey, Rob McLaughlin.

Earlier this week, Lumavate announced it’s raised a total of $1.75 million funding round from leading software and industry executives, which include Aprimo co-founders, Bill Godfrey and Rob McLaughlin.

The ties to Indianapolis’ tech heritage don’t end there. Former Aprimo software architect John Lawrence is now Lumavate’s CTO, and software engineer Tim Butler is the new company’s VP of customer success.

McGrath plans to hire about five people in the near term, mostly in sales and customer support roles. He has also tapped a variety of inside and outside resources to get the company and product to where it is today, including working with revenue and go-to-market consultant Jenny Vance, b2b marketing consultant Megan Glover and Indy’s rising product agency InnovateMap.

Lumavate has recognized a real problem in the marketplace — one that equally frustrates consumers and manufacturers — and have assembled a proven team with the tech cred to solve it. The result is a SaaS product that streamlines access to information, increases revenue and decreases costs for manufacturers, and improves the overall experience for consumers.