This LIVE blog for TechPoint's M-TECH: The Marketing Tech Experience presented by Comcast Business will be updated throughout the day during presentations, demos and from the exhibitor floor. Newest posts are at the top.

Scott Dorsey congratulates Todd Wagner on the soft beta of Chideo, a new charity video platform for increasing giving by involving everybody and focusing on the entertainment value and allowing people a chance to give back. You are hearing this first from TechPoint …

ExactTarget Co-Founder and CEO Scott Dorsey (left) and Co-founder and CEO Todd Wagner share a laugh on the M-TECH stage when Todd shares a story about how easy it is to get a meeting in Hollywood when you have a big checkbook.


Rob Laycock, VP of Marketing for Pacers Sports & Entertainment shares his boss's philosophy of selling tickets — ENTER the Dating Analogy. From first date all the way up to marriage, selling tickets is building a relationship with fans. If you offer them a bad experience they will want a divorce.

Kristian Andersen looks pensive as he tells the story about how "good companies pivot." Twitter, Flickr, eBay and others didn't start out as what they are now. They moved with the market and evolved into the successful brands they are today.

It looks like the Insights Stage needs a few more chairs. It's standing room only up in here! And yes, that is Shawn Schwegman second from the left …

Chris Baggott responds to BSU's Dave Ferguson's question about what we can do to reach the next level as a community. "Stop playing the zero sum game and help each other out."

Ball State is launching a new Center for Digital Marketing Advancement. Dave Ferguson just announced it from the Insights Stage. This has been a long time coming as BSU has worked to understand where marketing tech is heading and what impact it is having on the marketplace.

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Doug Karr of DK New Media and the Marketing Tech Blog is LIVE blogging and conducting interviews from the exhibitor floor at M-TECH.


As Condoleezza Rice moves into Q&A at Connections, you can start to feel the energy build at M-TECH. Presentations and demos will take place at three different stages throughout the exhibitor hall — DEMO STAGE and HANDS-ON STAGE, and the INSIGHTS STAGE is just around the corner across from the POWER PANEL MAIN STAGE.

The "Make Your Mark!" wall at registration to M-TECH brings out the creative side in exhibitors and sponsors so far. The paint is definitely going to start flying when things get crowded at 1 p.m. following Condoleezza Rice at Connections.