Celebrating digital innovators who focus on creating or reshaping markets, serving overlooked or discontented customers and challenging incumbents.

Breaking boundaries is more than just creating a great new product that solves a problem; it’s about identifying opportunities in new markets or serving overlooked segments. It’s about pushing the limits beyond what is expected. That’s the ideology behind our Disruptor of the Year award. 

The Disruptor of the Year award celebrates those who are focused on new market creation or reshaping, serving overlooked or discontented customers, challenging incumbents, including new spin-outs or corporate innovation activities. This year’s nominees are changing their sectors by creating new tech products and services that are driving change.

One nominee has created an accounting operating system that enables clients to use the tools their business units need to accomplish their tasks while breaking down the silos and increasing data accuracy.  Another melded the latest technologies—3D-printing, augmented and virtual reality, Web3 and NFTS—into a revolutionary go-to-market approach in the fashion industry. Another is ensuring electric automobiles are actually accessible to buy and use while also addressing environmental impact. 

This year’s nominees include:

  • Alleo, Carmel, Ind. — Alleo is a browser-based interactive digital canvas serving as the single destination for creating custom hybrid collaboration and presentation experiences.
  • CareAscend, Carmel, Ind. — CAREASCEND is a secure, cloud based workflow automation software platform to enhance compliance in regulatory reporting and streamline communication in all healthcare settings 
  • Decimal, Middletown, Del. — Decimal is on a mission to solve accounting operations for small and mid-sized businesses. With an operations-first mentality, Decimal is redefining how companies handle bookkeeping.
  • Folia, Bloomington, Ind. — Folia is the first comprehensive digital annotation tool for enterprise research & review to markup documents across file types, devices and collaborate confidently with cutting-edge security.
  • Genie Supply, Bedford, Ind. — Genie Supply disrupts the beauty industry as the only lab for and by beauty founders, empowering entrepreneurs with affordable and customizable manufacturing services.
  • Ixana, West Lafayette, Ind. — Ixana (ixana.ai) is silicon chips for high-speed human-computer interaction that augment you with all-day, real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • MakeMyMove, Indianapolis, Ind. — MakeMyMove is a marketplace product that connects remote workers and other work-from-anywhere talent with communities that are attracting new residents. 
  • MLLN 3D Printed Shoes. — MLLN’s mission is to revolutionize the footwear industry through innovative design and cutting-edge technology. Their 3D-printed footwear is not only stylish and comfortable, but also environmentally sustainable and personalized to the unique needs of each individual customer.
  • Motor, Indianapolis, Ind. — Motor is dedicated to helping drivers discover, switch to, and stick with electric cars. In less than 10-minutes drivers can register, select a car, and schedule delivery to their driveway.
  • MyShyft, Indianapolis, Ind. — MyShyft modernized and transformed on-demand health care staffing by pairing a simple and easy-to-use app with our reliable pool of health care workers.
  • Remodel Health, Indianapolis, Ind. — Remodel Health is revolutionizing the way health benefits are delivered to employees. We’re saving organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in health spend, while keeping their employees happy.
  • RxLightning, Greenville, Ind. — The RxLightning platform is a single solution that simplifies, streamlines and automates the complex manual process of specialty medication enrollment across manufacturers, hubs and specialty pharmacies
  • Trava Security, Indianapolis, Ind. —Trava enables business owners and IT professionals to operate secure, productive businesses without fear of interruption or loss caused by cyber incidents.

The 2023 Mira Award winners will be announced during our in-person gala at the JW Marriott during the 24th gala on Saturday, April 22, with presenting sponsors UKG, Salesforce and Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

Get more information about the 2023 Mira Awards and join us on April 22 for the unveiling of the “Best of Tech” Mira Award winner for Disruptor of the Year!