Celebrating exceptional work by professional services firms or internal teams who created the year’s best solutions

The tech industry might be known for amazing products, but complementary services have played a large role in expanding tech companies’ capabilities. 

The Service Partner of the Year award celebrates exceptional work by professional services firms or internal teams who created the year’s best solutions, which are defined as the development of tech products or other professional services for a tech company. Services may be related to IT/cyber, design/branding, marketing/PR, legal/accounting, consulting, data science or other.

With just over a dozen nominees, this award category proves to be eclectic and diverse. Services range from marketing for B2B SaaS businesses; to technical support for better and practiced social services; to venture capitalism to help Indiana tech thrive; to product design, development, and engineering, which provide an all-encompassing approach to implementing tech into your business. The companies in this category have used their innovative muscle to expand their capabilities and add further value for their customers. 

2019’s winner, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, won for their Topography Optimization design and printing services, while also making significant investments into the development of capabilities, resources, and tools to meet challenges. Their commitment to excellence and outreach in Indiana tech reaches the global community, not just Hoosiers. Whether they are expanding their youth and STEM education programs or creating new opportunities in the face of a pandemic, their commitment to incorporating tech into all areas of business helps to push Indiana tech forward, and it is also a large part of why they were nominated for the 2020 award as well. 

The 2018 winner, Codelicious, is a platform which ensures commitment to Indiana tech by creating a program for youth computer science. Their compiled resources and curriculum are focused on teaching elementary school youth to code in a variety of different learning styles. Since 2018, Codelicious has been expanding their reach into coding education, not only to elementary students, but also as a professional development service. Their commitment to education for all ages is helping to better shape the future of tech in Indiana. 

This year’s nominees include:

  • Avance Design (Indianapolis, Ind.) Avance Design is a product development/engineering design studio with a focus on additive manufacturing to assist with design solutions.
  • BLASTmedia, (Fishers, Ind.) BLASTmedia is the only PR agency dedicated to B2B SaaS, representing companies in all growth stages, from startup to publicly traded.
  • Brite Systems Enlite with Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS), (Indianapolis, Ind.) Brite Systems delivered Enlite, an innovative case management system built on Salesforce, for Indiana Department of Child Services resulting in improved outcomes for children and families.
  • Counterpart, (Fishers, Ind.) — Counterpart is a 26 year old custom software development firm focused on tangible business impact for organizations. We’re on a mission to fundamentally change the ways our clients work. 
  • Cummins Inc., (Columbus, Ind.) Cummins brings an integrated multi-vehicle transit service at Purdue University including smart rider app, vehicles and predictive analytics.
  • Innovatemap, (Indianapolis, Ind.)  Innovatemap is a digital product agency that can help you dream, design, and deliver an award-winning product to market.
  • KSM Consulting, (Indianapolis, Ind.) KSM Consulting is an Indy-based tech, data, and management consulting firm working to solve some of the nation’s most complex challenges.
  • Lev, (Indianapolis, Ind.) Lev is the premier marketing-focused consultancy that connects brands to customers by optimizing Salesforce solutions.
  • Mobile reCell, (Fishers, Ind.) Mobile reCell has quickly established itself as a leading mobile device recovery solution for large enterprises & managed mobility providers
  • NCAA IT Department, (Indianapolis, Ind.) The NCAA is a membership-led association providing a pathway to opportunity for college athletes.
  • Pin & Tumbler Studio at Allegion (Carmel, Ind.) — Pin & Tumbler Studio is a new innovation engine at Allegion PLC, a natural progression of the company’s digital transformation and venturing. 
  • Project Brilliant, (Indianapolis, Ind.) As your Agile partner, Project Brilliant will challenge you to transcend traditional practices.
  • Raytheon Intelligence & Space, (Indianapolis, Ind.) —Raytheon extended CODE Center to Indiana as CASL to provide defensive focused cybersecurity engineering for weapons system customers.

The 2020 Mira Award winners will be announced live on a special broadcast during the 21st gala on Thursday, June 18, with presenting sponsors Eli Lilly and Company, Genesys, Infosys, Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Salesforce. Thousands are expected to watch the live broadcast on social media platforms and via Zoom VIP room watch parties.

Get more information about the broadcast here. Join us on June 18 for the unveiling of the Service Partner of the Year Mira Award winner.