As we approach the second anniversary of TechPoint Index, we’re excited to report that your Indiana tech community media platform is stronger than ever with more than 1.3 million pageviews! Our mission to connect tech leaders, entrepreneurs, builders, marketers, managers, job seekers and investors is something we take seriously and strive to fulfill daily.

We amplify stories of success that otherwise might go unheard. We are home to Indiana’s largest directory of tech and tech-enabled companies. Our job board is a powerful tool for connecting employers with qualified talent. And our community Events listing helps facilitate the networking that keeps the community humming.

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Since launching, we’ve grown faster than we could have imagined reaching an audience that’s eager to connect and stay up-to-date with a vibrant community that’s making headlines, making a large impact on the economy, and making a difference in the lives of people across the state.

With more than 555,000 users total and 1.3 million pageviews, we’ve reached an average of 46,000 visitors each month over the past year. But TechPoint Index isn’t about us and what we’ve achieved as a nonprofit growth accelerator, it’s about YOU and your connection to the community.

  • YOU have created new opportunities for those seeking Indiana jobs in tech–posting more than 3,500 open jobs on the Job Board.
  • YOU have welcomed all by opening your doors to thousands sharing invitations to more than 345 events on the Community Events page.
  • YOU have shared your ventures among your peers in the most comprehensive listing of Indiana tech companies on the web via the TechPoint Tech Directory.
  • YOU have intrigued readers with more than 1,200 stories of success and growth in the tech ecosystem.
  • YOU have amplified the TechPoint mission, sharing content from events like the Mira Awards and Tech 25 Awards as well as Index original stories about companies, universities, people, capital, trends and news throughout Indiana.

It’s because of YOU the Index has grown into a platform that reflects the shared passions we have for accelerating our tech ecosystem and made it a trusted first-source for connecting with the community.

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