techpoint-2016-mira-badges_winner300Fast-growing managed mobility services (MMS) company MOBI had one of those years that business leaders dream of having. Double-digit sales growth and double digit employment expansion are two notable metrics of the company’s banner year that included an announcement about investing $11.5 million to grow its Indianapolis area operations and create hundreds of new jobs.

Winning the Company Culture of the Year Mira Award was a highlight for the company, too, and an advantageous one for an employer preparing to hire hundreds of skilled workers.

The Mira Awards judges were impressed by the way MOBI navigated remarkable growth — from 20 people to hundreds — at the same time that the company merged its operations and staff with another company. Some companies break down when faced with such adversity, but MOBI thrived and used its bootstrapped/startup legacy culture to create a common cause, a “we’re all in this together” mentality that endures today.

Employees at MOBI follow a passion-based career path and create lasting connections and friendships within the company through MOBI Connect, an initiative that links employees to those with similar interests to their own. More than 91 percent of MOBI employees report that they would recommend working at the company to friends and family. Plus, everyday at 4 p.m., the beer is flowing at MOBI.

Scott Kraege, co-founder and CEO, said winning a Mira Award was an honor that helped MOBI grow substantially by raising awareness of the company throughout the community and highlighting MOBI’s unique culture.

Scott Kraege

Scott KraegeCo-founder & CEO

“Winning our Mira Award resulted in an immediate publicity boost. MOBI received recognition in the form of local public relations and countless congratulations calls, emails, and texts from our collective networks. We also noticed a significant increase in the number and quality of candidates applying for our open career opportunities.

“Of those who visited directly from the TechPoint website, more than 80 percent were first-time visitors, increasing our brand awareness and reach.”

Following the Mira Awards gala last April, MOBI’s revenues increased by more than 50 percent, and new hires increased by 44 percent to more than 300 full-time employees. In addition to the Mira Award, MOBI is recognized as a Best Places to Work, Great Place to Work, and Top Work Places winner. See the list of recent company awards.

“We love that our employees love our culture,” Kraege said. “Our company embraces individual employees for who they really are. We value smart, creative, hardworking people, and together, we create an awesome work environment. Our executives are engaging, open to new ideas, and encourage collaboration. We strive every day to embody our core values.”

MOBI core values known as “POWER” can be seen represented on the walls of conference rooms and woven into the very fabric of the company’s daily activities. The Acronym P.O.W.E.R. stands for the following:

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Own It
  3. Work Together
  4. Expect Change
  5. Respect People.

The MOBI team did a great job of sharing news of their Mira Award win through their blog, email database, social media and public relations and media relations efforts. In addition to employee celebrations internally, they made a point of letting their existing customer base know about the Mira Awards and what it meant to them as a company to take home the Company Culture of the year award.

It doesn’t appear as though MOBI is slowing down at all. The company is continuing to evolve its product as it gains market momentum and even grows globally. As companies continue to innovate and use mobility as a business strategy, MOBI is poised to continue to meet the demands of the enterprise market as connected devices expand with the Internet of Things (IoT) and telemetry devices.

“In our continued quest to bring awareness to the MMS market and MOBI’s resulting leadership within that market, winning a Mira Award was significant because the Mira Awards are unquestionably one of the most prestigious recognition programs in the state,” Kraege said. “As MOBI continues to enable enterprises to centralize, comprehend, and control their entire device ecosystems, awards like the Miras help to further support and advance our awareness efforts.”

Visit the Mira Awards page to learn more about the 2017 awards program or to apply. Reserve your application by December 30! All applications are due by January 20, 2017.