TechPoint is now accepting nominations for its annual Mira Awards — the largest and most prestigious technology awards program in the state of Indiana.

Also of note, the Mira Awards website includes a Past Winners section that TechPoint is calling the Winner’s Circle, which has the finalists and winners listed from each year available dating back to the year 2000. This new section contains the company name and logo for the finalists and winners as well as direct links to their respective websites.

We’ve added SHARE buttons to every single page on the Mira Awards website, so be sure to post relevant pages to your Facebook wall or Tweet the nomination forms or Winner’s Circle to your followers.

How do I get nominated?

Anyone can submit a nomination for a Mira Award. You can nominate a company or someone you know. You can nominate your own company or department, and you can even nominate yourself.

There’s really only one rule; nominees must do business, teach or otherwise operate within the state of Indiana.

Okay, it’s actually a lot more complicated than that, but every journey starts with a single step. If you or your school or company has anything at all to do with technology and you operate within the state of Indiana, YOU  SHOULD  BE  PARTICIPATING  IN  THE  TECHPOINT  MIRA  AWARDS.

The Mira Awards nomination process includes some pretty in-depth questions as you’ll see on the nomination form. It’s a good idea to visit the site now, download the forms, and start thinking about what you want to write in for each question.