by Rachel Modiano

In line with its culture of being adventurous, curious and innovative, iGoDigital challenged its team to build a new product for a new market in just 48 hours during the company’s 2012 Innovation Days.

At the end of the two days, the company delivered just that – a working product, marketing collateral, a social media presence and a list of more than 50 willing beta testing clients.

The product, named Scribblr (@getscribblr), will help companies manage their email signatures. It will assist marketers in coordinating consistent signatures across their organizations, while at the same time, giving employees a chance to showcase their personalities. Within the product, the administrator can develop email signature templates, with some un-editable fields and other fields employees can edit themselves, then “push” the email signature out to users.

“We closed the office, shut off our phones and put our ‘office of office’ alerts in high gear,” said Eric Tobias, president of iGoDigital. “The two-day sprint pushed us outside of our normal routines and focused our attention on building this sustainable product in just 48 hours.”

He continued, “While we did build a product, what may be even more valuable for our organization is how much we learned about ourselves and each other.”

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The Scribblr development team at The Speakeasy startup club in Indianapolis.

Name: Rachel Modiano
Company: iGoDigital
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana