In this episode, we sit down with Steven Emch, President of the Orr Fellowship. Orr Fellowship is a nonprofit organization that matches exceptional graduating college seniors with full­-time employment at  Indianapolis area companies. He talks about Orr’s rich history in Indiana’s tech sector, his vision as the organization’s new president, and TechPoint and Orr’s future of collaboration.

10 years ago, roughly half of Indiana’s college graduates remained in the state upon graduation. This number was even lower for STEM degrees, as many of these students found opportunities and offers in major tech hubs. 

It was in the face of this problem that TechPoint launched the Xtern program, a 10 week internship program that employs hundreds of college students in roles at local tech companies. 

In this Circuit mini-series, X Years of Talent, TechPoint interviews the major players in Indiana’s tech landscape from talent organizations to the people who were there at the beginning of Xtern. We look back at the past decade of Indiana’s talent initiative and look towards the future of Indiana’s tech workforce. 

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