TechPoint is the growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem.

Proudly headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.

Cities and states need strong local tech ecosystems.

Tech companies are in a global battle to attract talent. Start-up and scale-up stage companies desperately need resources for growth. Other industries face intense pressure from digital transformation. Universities need connections to tech employers and job opportunities for students. Cities and states need all these entities to secure a prosperous future for their citizens.

We bring together Indiana’s tech companies, philanthropies, government, universities, and talent to create opportunity.

Nonprofit and industry-led, we want to change the world for the better, one great idea at a time. We’re making Indy’s tech ecosystem the strongest among mid-size cities and Indiana’s the strongest among Midwest states.


Attract highly-skilled talent.

Our programs connect talent with jobs, internships, and educational programs in tech to accelerate their growth and fill the increasing number of tech jobs in Indiana.

“Xtern helped me be me, and helped me immensely grow professionally and personally.” Gleb Alexeev, Xtern ‘17

Advance high-potential companies.

We partner with smaller companies in scale-up stage and big companies undergoing digital transformation to connect them with talent, venture capital, customers, promotion, and the community.


Build an engaged, inspired, and informed community.

We connect people, celebrate successes, amplify stories, and nurture a culture of inclusiveness and support.


Deliver valuable intel and insights.

We conduct research and surface strategies that help better understand and strengthen the tech ecosystem.

Why Indianapolis and Indiana?

With $7 billion in tech company acquisitions and IPOs, the most affordable housing market in the country, and a high production of software jobs, Indianapolis (and Indiana as a whole) is uniquely positioned to grow.


IWiT Championship boosting national attention of local tech community, opportunities

In less than three months, eyes from around the world will focus on Indianapolis for another major sporting event — the second annual 2018 Indy Women in Tech Championship driven by Group One Thousand One. Hosted at the Brickyard Crossing August 13 – 19, 2018, a Pete Dye golf course located inside the Indianapolis Motor […]

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5 ways to increase diversity in company leadership and culture

There will never be a standard, one-size-fits-all strategy to create and foster a positive, diverse company culture. However, company culture is incredibly important for any organization, and it frequently sets the stage for anything a business does. We all admire businesses with a strong, stable culture. We want to work for those companies and tell […]

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‘Just in time’ hiring doesn’t work anymore for most tech-skilled positions

The job search website Indeed recently surveyed tech hiring managers and close to nine in 10 respondents said they find it challenging to find and hire technical talent.

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The story behind Pattern89’s new brand name

Building a software company from the ground up is a monumental effort. There are endless to-do lists packed with things like building a lead gen engine from scratch, figuring out the customer journey and, of course, hiring more engineers. When I joined Quantifi in January 2017, I didn’t expect a re-brand to be on my […]

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City of Indianapolis releases 50 new ‘Shift Indy’ online services

Powered by Shift Indy – a two-year initiative focused on reimagining government service – has greatly improved the way individuals access city and county government services.

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