Check out this video and some of the photos from the December Tech Thursday event. The guest speaker was Bobby Schnabel, dean of the School of Informatics at Indiana University.


As you can see from the media above, we’ve been drawing "standing room only" crowds for these events because the speakers are great and there really is no better place to network with the Central Indiana tech sector than at Baker & Daniels with our hosts IQuest and LightBound for Tech Thursday.

One of the things that struck me about Dean Schnabel’s presentation was that he said admissions standards for the IU School of Informatics are going up at the same time that they are accepting larger numbers of students into the programs. This is an effort to maintain the reputation and high caliber education the university provides, while at the same time attempting to meet the increased demand for graduates in the marketplace.

Dean Schnabel’s presentation will be available here on the TechPoint blog early next week.