When selecting a new office space, every business has different considerations. Size, location, amenities… each office is unique and can offer different benefits.

Looking for an office that will house a security operations center (SOC), however, is a little more complicated.

Previously located in Carmel, Indiana, the Pondurance team started to realize back in 2015 that it was time to consider new office space due to their plans to add staff and create their SOC. But this wasn’t just a normal office move; the Pondurance team had to be strategic in selecting a location that would be compliant with their needs and the needs of their clients.

“When vetting new office spaces, there were three upfront considerations for our team: security, entry points, and restriction,” says Dennis Porter, Director of Operations for Pondurance.


Dennis PorterDirector of Operations

“First, physical security was of the utmost importance as our location has to have physical security 24/7. Next, it was important that we were able to secure entry points and elevator access so we can control who’s going in and out of the building,” says Dennis. “Finally, we needed the ability to restrict inputs and outputs, controlling how people access our space.”

After vetting a few office spaces, Pondurance decided to move into nearly 11,000 square feet of office space at 500 N. Meridian Street in May 2016. The space was previously rented by Harrison College and offers a 5-story parking garage.

“We looked at a handful of places, but this space was a no brainer,” says Dennis. “It’s a centralized location, is on Meridian Street, and has a parking garage.”

Educational Programming

Another benefit of moving to the new office space was Pondurance could offer educational events at their space.

“Pondurance works with clients as an extension of their security team or as an outsourced resource to fill a specific need,” says Dennis. “It was important to us that we could host events in our space to provide education to our clients and keep our partners up to date.”

The events are hosted in two large conference rooms in the basement, away from the SOC. Currently, Pondurance requires every visitor to check in, sign a non-disclosure agreement, and be escorted by Pondurance personnel.”

Differentiators for Pondurance

“Our ideal client is a company or organization that is looking to increase their security posture,” says Dennis. “Our clients typically fall into three categories: compliance and risk management consulting and auditing, security consultations (including penetration testing of applications), and threat hunting and response, which is why we needed a SOC.”

According to Dennis, a main differentiator for Pondurance is that they offer services in all three of these areas instead of just one. “Many security companies only focus on one of these categories instead of all three,” says Dennis.

“We’re a comprehensive security partner who offers streamlined and holistic security consulting,” says Dennis. “That’s why clients enjoy working with us.”

Want to learn more about Pondurance? Check out their new website for more information about what they do and how they can help your business.