Email marketing software provider Delivra has unveiled a new software package dedicated to e-commerce marketing and remarketing automation for small- to mid-sized retailers. The new software includes integrations with popular Internet retailing platforms Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Delivra Commerce is a powerful, yet easy-to-use and easy to implement solution allowing for advanced post-purchase and shopping cart abandonment email marketing campaigns.

Delivra built the new Commerce software with small- to mid-sized marketing managers in mind so that it can be deployed quickly and start generating revenue without having to dominate a small marketing team’s time.

The real-time shopping cart integrations help retailers promote products, improve customer experiences, and remarket to consumers through personalized, automated email. Delivra Commerce enables users to automatically create segments based on synced purchase data from Magento and WooCommerce categories, or Shopify product types, to personalize mailings for increased revenue. Additionally, users can track revenue attribution from email to strategize future mailings and easily send abandoned cart messages to recover potential revenue and increase marketing ROI.

Real-time integrations with popular online retailing platforms help small marketing teams personalize and automate email campaigns that increase revenue.

“We are heavily focused on enhancing the way online retailers communicate and sell via email,” said Neil Berman, CEO of Delivra. “Our integrations with the three most popular online shopping carts allow us to provide retailers of all kinds the necessary tools to automate, personalize and segment consumers in meaningful, revenue-generating ways.”

Who should consider using Delivra Commerce?

Berman explained that Delivra Commerce is ideal for small to mid-sized online retailers (as well as those that have a regional brick and mortar presence in addition to an online store), because they purposefully incorporated only the most important remarketing functionalities. They built it to best serve retailers of this size who are utilizing Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce shopping carts, but only operating with a handful of individuals in their marketing departments.

A target customer for Delivra Commerce has 0-5 individuals covering all aspects of marketing. This means there are likely no dedicated email marketing or ecommerce managers. Delivra is focused on support in addition to software, so each customer has a dedicated client success representative for setup and daily use of the software for questions, additional training, or whatever may be needed.

What does it take to get Delivra Commerce up and running?

The great news for marketers is that while the new software enables powerful functionality, the set-up is very quick for new and existing Delivra users. On the Delivra side and the customer side, everything can be implemented and integrated with the click of a few buttons. In about an hours time, the data from a customer’s store will start syncing with the Delivra account.

New Delivra Commerce software makes it easy for marketers to take advantage of the best, most profitable remarketing practices without a big time or staffing cost.

The length of time it takes the user to see the benefits of Commerce really depends on how they use Delivra. The software makes it easy to target audiences with automatic segments based on a store’s Product Categories. Content creation is simple and intuitive with the addition of Repeater Groups to pull in content and images from a store to populate email content.

Research shows that 60% of abandoned cart emails generate revenue, and most of that revenue occurs in the first 24 hours of the email being sent, so some of the most important Delivra Commerce features can have an immediate impact on the businesses bottom line.