Brad Ton is an account executive with Indy-based OneCause. After graduating from the January 2018 Sales Bootcamp cohort, Brad joined OneCause and has since become an award-winning salesperson. In his opinion article, he shares his experiences in the bootcamp and why others who are considering career changes should apply to participate in Sales Bootcamp.

I work for a tech company in Indiana, and I don’t know how to code. This is the story of how I got here, and how you can too.

Before I took on my current role as an account executive at OneCause, I worked in the corporate relocation industry in client services and sales. I didn’t believe in the mission, the low-price wins weren’t challenging, and the commodity driven atmosphere left me feeling burned out. What I really wanted was a role that aligned with my own values and interests. I was fortunate to find an opportunity to explore the idea of a sales job in Indiana’s fast-growing tech industry through the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp.

My personal passion lies in building relationships and working with people. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that tech companies in Indiana are in need of sales professionals to support their businesses and the ecosystem at large. The tech community here looks to fill these roles in a myriad of ways, including through TechPoint’s Sales Bootcamp, which accelerated my personal and professional growth in several ways.

The Experience

The program staff and industry experts at Sales Bootcamp were instrumental in helping me channel my strengths for success. In just six weeks, I worked with three different tech companies in Indiana and had the opportunity to immerse myself in the day-to-day responsibilities of a sales development position. This ‘peek behind the curtain’ has gone on to inform a lot of my work, even today. I had the opportunity to work with professionals in roles that I wanted for myself, and watching them at work convinced me that a sales job in tech aligned with my personality, my goals, and my values.

The Network

At Sales Bootcamp, I found myself surrounded by like-minded, driven people. Their passion was infectious, and I began to challenge myself in bigger and better ways. I became more conscious and intentional in the impact that my role had, and could have on the community. Through the mini-internships of the bootcamp, I established the connections I needed to get the job I wanted. This amazing network, coupled with the experiential training I received during the program, accelerated my growth within OneCause.

The Industry

The rapid growth of the tech industry is no secret. What’s exciting is the tremendous presence and impact the tech industry has in Indiana, and the community network driven by the people of the tech industry. Personally, I am committed to long-term development, learning and growth. Serving others in any capacity is what brings me real fulfillment. Through this program, I got a job that was both challenging and fulfilling. Now, my job supports sales at my company, but I also get to have a larger impact on the growth of the tech ecosystem in Indiana.

Participating in Sales Bootcamp and landing at OneCause has been nothing short of life-changing for me. I never realised a job could be this satisfying. If you are also looking for a change in your sales job, and want a career in Indiana’s tech ecosystem, I encourage you to apply for Sales Bootcamp. Applications are open now until May 6. The people you will meet, the network that will support you, and the experience you will gain is going to boost your career in ways you cannot imagine. Even if you are not sure if tech or sales is right for you, what you will gain from participating in Sales Bootcamp is going to do so much more for you than just highlight those specific areas.

Here’s my honest recommendation: if you are not 100% convinced that you have true fulfillment in your current job, do Bootcamp.