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Become a high-potential salesperson.

The Sales Bootcamp is a four-week program for career changers and new grads designed to train and provide them a first-hand look inside the work environment at several tech companies. 90% of participants to date have received job offers upon completion of the program.

May 14 - June 10 | NOW OPEN
Applications Open March 23 - April 24

August 6 - September 2
Applications Open June 22 - July 27

First 'Sales Bootcamp' Grads to Tackle Salesforce Shortage

“Being able to walk into a company and attempt to prove your worth immediately can be daunting, but it is an incredible rush to experience. Sales Bootcamp allowed for me to move straight to Indianapolis out of college and I am incredibly excited to begin my working career here.”

-McHale Gardiner, Springbuk

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A career in demand

Tech companies are growing rapidly and they need competitive people to help fuel their growth. Sales careers at local tech companies are some of the most in-demand positions in the Greater Indianapolis area, and they are a proven path to career acceleration and compensation growth for new grads and career changers.

An industry on the rise

The tech community in Indianapolis is thriving and forecasted to continue being one of the fastest growing industries in the Midwest. From startups to publicly traded companies and every size in-between, Indy is home to brands you know as well as exciting innovators that just might be the next big thing.

Everbody’s welcome

Tech companies know that diverse workforces are more innovative, more productive, and deliver better long-term results. Past sessions have included parents rejoining the workforce, career changers, new grads, and people of all ages, races, and genders.

Job openings and interviews

After four weeks of learning, training and working with local tech companies, TechPoint’s premium members, sponsors and partners will have special access to you and your fellow bootcampers for job interviews and possible placement in immediate openings.

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Build your sales team with industry informed talent.

In addition to Sandler Sales Training, bootcampers participate in mini-internships with tech companies in Indianapolis. They will work alongside your existing sales team to clean lists, prospect, and host demos with potential customers through the guidance of our program staff and industry experts.

“The participants came to us eager to learn and were not afraid to jump on the phones. We even re-evaluated some of our internal sales processes and made changes because of the success of the Bootcamp and more specifically because of the participants themselves.”

- Kenzie Handley, Delivra, Sales Development Representative Team Lead

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How it works

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Applications Open

Fill out the application and take the sales aptitude assessment.

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Phone Interview

Hop on a call with the TechPointX team. Accepted candidates will be notified in a follow-up call.

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Your first chance to meet your new peers and an opportunity to get the lay of the land for the next 4 weeks.

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Sandler Sales Training

Two-day intensive sales methodology training with sales professional and experienced trainer, Matt Nettleton. This technique is widely used and proven effective.

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Mini Internships

Three 1-week internships with host companies over the course of 3 weeks. Gain hands-on experience making demo calls, reviewing prospect lists, and observing sales cycles. Attend Friday debrief sessions with Matt Nettleton for additional training and questions.

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Career Prep Day

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Interview Day

Introductions to companies in the area that are actively seeking to hire.

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