Indianapolis-based email signature marketing company Sigstr is capitalizing on the amount of emails employees send – roughly 1 million by every 100 employees –  to create a unique employee engagement opportunity. The company has launched its new Dynamic Campaigns product that offers an internal communication channel with the click of every “compose” button.

Think about the amount of times you look at your email signature as you draft new outgoing emails. I guarantee some of you could close your eyes and visualize your email signature letter by letter. With Sigstr’s new Dynamic Campaigns product, employers can promote internal initiatives to employees while simultaneously sending external messages to non-employees through the same email signature. Sigstr Dynamic Campaigns_FI

Employers could choose to remind employees to arrive at the conference room at 3 p.m. on Thursday to receive a flu shot, sign up for open enrollment healthcare, or RSVP to the company-wide picnic. Dynamic Campaigns send content based on the end-recipient while, at the same time, sending targeted marketing campaigns to contacts outside your domain.

Dan Hanrahan

Dan HanrahanFounder & CEO

“Employee email and email signatures have, up until now, been an untapped owned marketing channel that have power both inside and out of an organization,” said Sigstr Founder and CEO Dan Hanrahan.

“While external campaigns support brands’ sales and marketing efforts, internal campaigns allow departments like HR, communications, and IT to boost employee engagement. Prior to Sigstr, internal communications would have been distributed through antiquated methods like a mass email or posting it on the break-room corkboard.”

According to a 2015 TalentKeepers survey, more than 82 percent of U.S. business leaders have called internal communications and employee engagement a top strategic priority. Despite the high priority, a 2015 Gallup survey suggests that employee engagement has consistently averaged less than 33 percent over the last four years. Sigstr’s new Dynamic Campaigns product aims to increase that number by helping employers distribute engaging and relevant content that turns employees into company advocates and help them feel good about the company they work for.

To learn more about Dynamic Campaigns by Sigstr or to sign up as a beta user, visit their website.