Amidst the flurry of Snowpocalypse last weekend, Indianapolis responded to a creative giving challenge originated by personal finance guru and media personality Peter Dunn to pledge a dollar amount to Wheeler Mission homeless ministries based on how many inches of snow fell at the Indianapolis International Airport.

As described earlier, this spontaneous giving campaign snowballed (get it) until Indy residents and tech community members pledged $3,700 per inch.  Multiply that by the 11.4" of snowfall, and pledges total more than $40,000.
Wheeler Mission says it could feed 18,222 meals with that amount so be sure to make your donations at  This whole campaign transpired one night via Twitter, where @WheelerMission began to trend at number one in the Indianapolis area.
"The best thing about this was that people took the time to think of others, in the midst of tremendous logistical chaos," said Dunn.